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2019 Highlights

Ma'agal (Counselors Year- Round Education & Community)

"One thing that feels special about Ma’agal is that it gives us an opportunity to learn from Habonim alumni who are now leading progressive social justice organizations, like Sunrise, JStreet, and Resistance Labs."

Tzedek (High School Leadership Program)

"Showing up with my Tzedek friends to stand up for immigrant rights at the ICE detention center made me see I can have a real impact."

Community Partnerships

"Running Strike Camp with the SIJCC during the LAUSD teachers strike was a cool way for Gilboa to support the teachers. We made sure students were taken care of, had fun, and learned about why unions and strikes are important."

Education at Camp

"As part of the Habonim Dror movement, Camp Gilboa provides my children with a safe space within which to develop a meaningful connection with Israel alongside a commitment to Palestinian human rights. It is one of the few American Jewish institutions that provides youth with a clear and honest picture of the complexities of Israel/Palestine, rather than a romanticized version, ensuring a long-term engagement with the Jewish community and with Israel."

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