Gilboa counselors are known for their boundless energy, huge hearts, and passionate idealism. They collectively create a summer and year-round curriculum meant to inspire and empower campers. College-aged counselors are summer educators and mentors and are joined by high school CITs during the year.  Together they help grow each camper’s individual strengths, building their leadership, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. They are supported by year-round staff who train and advise them.


Graduates of Camp Gilboa and Habonim Dror leadership programs go on to engage in the community, becoming leaders and activists in social justice, communal and Israel-related organizations during and after college.


Mazkirut (Senior Staff)


Tzedek Rakezet 

(Teen & Year-Round Program Coordinator)



(Director of Camper Wellbeing)

Quinn Tassin

Merkezet Chinuch

(Education Director)

Eliza Smith


(Technical Director)

Yahli Livni

Rosh Machaneh 

(Head of Camp)

Tzevet Madatz + Rashei Mitbach

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Madatz Madrich

(Counselor for the CITs)

Emma regev.jpg

Madatz Madricha

(Counselor for the CITs)

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Rosh Mitbach (Head of the Kitchen)

Clara Epstein

Rosh Mitbach (Head of the Kitchen)




Teen Program


Ben Lieberman
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Rosh Ken

(Chapter Leader)

Bay Area

Becca Lieberman
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Rosh Ken

(Chapter Leader)

San Diego & Rosh Seminar



Teen Program

Bay Area



Camp Gilboa staff are based in our Los Angeles office throughout the year. They support and mentor the youth leadership and ensure all Gilboa activities are safe and fun! Dalit, Gilboa’s Executive Director, is at camp throughout the whole summer, supporting the camp nurse and youth leadership in creating a safe and healthy camp environment. You'll find Gilboa staff at activities throughout the year - at seminars, ken events, and community outreach activities - working together with the youth leadership to ensure the Gilboa community remains meaningful and magical.

I am committed to creating meaningful programming that will provide your child with the best camp experience possible. I work closely with our leadership to guarantee the well-being of campers and staff, as well as help with training skills and program planning. I supervise our camp committees, spearhead development projects and ensure that our youth leadership and Board of Directors collaborate successfully.  I am present during all Summer Camp sessions and year round seminars, and am eager to assist parents in any way they may need.

Dalit Shlapobersky

Executive Director

Dalit Shlapobersky Executiv Director Camp Gilboa

I started my Habonim journey in 2001 at Camp Miriam in Canada and found a second home at Gilboa in 2016. After completing my undergrad degree at McGill University, I made the move to LA to join the year-round team! In both my role as Gilboa’s Educational Outreach Director and as a master’s candidate at Hebrew Union College’s School of Jewish Nonprofit Management, I’m exploring my passion for building collaborative, inclusive, and progressive Jewish community. Interested in partnering with Gilboa? Let's talk!

Elana Bloomfield

Educational Outreach Director

Wow, it's been 13 years since I began my time in Habonim. I can only vaguely remember my first local event, back in early 2006, but it set me on a path that I wouldn't have any other way. I've spent time all across Habonim Dror; Growing up at Camp Na'aleh, running Habonim Birthright trips and Kadima, and finally settling at Gilboa. As the Rakaz (coordinator) of the Bonimot Tzedek program this year, I'm so excited to bring all of my experiences into building amazing education, community, and social justice work at Gilboa.

Josh Bloom

Program Coordinator

Julie Macht, Chair

Fundraising Consultant When I stepped off the bus 40 years ago, I could never have imagined how Camp Gilboa would shape my sense of self, my friendships, my commitment to the underdog and social justice and my deep abiding appreciation of the power of camp on shaping Jewish identity. Whether it was advocating for underpresented people as an attorney, or for students and teacher rights as a leader in the PTA, or as a parent, guiding my children to voice their opinions and act on their convictions, I feel the influence of my camp days in everything I do. I love working with young leaders and do so in both my professional and lay life.

Mark Howorth, Vice-President

CEO, SDI Media

Previous Lay Leadership:

Vice President at Congregation Tikvat Jacob

The best parenting decision my wife and I ever made was to send our two son’s to Camp Gilboa 14 years ago. Watching them grow into young adults and seeing how their Gilboa experience has shaped them into who they are today has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. Both sons stayed involved on Tzevet (staff) and one was even Rosh Machaneh (head of camp). Along the way, I felt the need to participate as well and joined the Board six years ago, and spent the last two years as President. In my Board time, I have been proud to help Gilboa grow in all directions: more chanichimot (campers), more donations, more programs during the year, improved camp experience during the summer, a new basketball court and even paying off the loan on our amazing 44 acre site in Big Bear. As a business person, it has also been a great growth experience for me to participate in an organization which is truly “youth led” with a totally different decision making process, hierarchy and culture from what I experience in the corporate world.

Sarah Breiner, Treasurer

Alisa Belinkoff Katz, Secretary

Associate Director, Los Angeles Initiative

Department of Public Policy, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

My first Gilboa pe’ulah (activity) was an Oneg Shabbat in 1963 which ended, as all Habonim Friday nights must end, in Israeli dancing. It was the dance that hooked me. These kids had unity, they had purpose, they had pride; they were part of something bigger than themselves. Gilboa gave me all of that and more. There, I learned to express myself and to unleash my creativity. I learned the meaning of “chevra” – society, community, teamwork. My greatest achievements in a career of public service have come about through the expression of Habonim/Gilboa values.

Liz Raider

Previous Lay Leadership:

Na'amat USA, Immediate Past National President Habonim opened a wonderful door of opportunity with a set of values and focus that have remained an influence for me and my husband - we met in Cleveland Habonim - as we have actively supported Habonim and the Labor Zionist Movement. The chevra, ideology, and fun in participation led to lifelong friendships, from Camp Kinneret and Midwest Camp (Tavor) and the Habonim 8th workshop year in Israel. Our children continued our direct connection to Habonim with the same enthusiasm, and we all lived in Israel at various times in our lives. Habonim has directly affected my continuing involvement with Na’amat USA and with our sister organization, Na’amat Israel.

David Beenhouwer

Bio Coming Soon!

Mathis Chazanov

Journalist (retired)

A former camper and counselor, I love the spirit and enthusiasm of everybody involved, and especially how the program is open to all kinds of kids. And it's such a beautiful place.

Evan Goldblatt

Medical Researcher - West LA VA

Since my first summer at machaneh, Gilboa has been a second home - providing a place for friendship, community, and love. As I got older and took on more leadership roles at camp, including a summer as Technical Director and two as the Ranger, I developed a deep appreciation for the work done behind the scenes that enables the tzevet to run a successful and safe summer. As a member of the Board and Chair of the Facilities Committee, I work to provide a solid foundation for tzevet to build many more beautiful summers.

Norm Kane

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Rachael Sevilla

Bio Coming Soon!

Laurie Earp

I only dreamt that my children could grow up in as inspiring a setting as my summers at then-UAHC Camp Swig. I found my place in the Kibbutz sessions of camp, as a CIT, staff member, and counselor –developing a stronger sense and passion for social justice, activism, along with a commitment to social democracy, that shaped who I became and to what I have devoted my life and career. When my children found their way to Camp Gilboa, my dream came true. I love who they have become and how they have been encouraged to develop programs for others that nurture the individual within a strongly Jewish, Social Justice, and Fun setting. I am honored to be a part of this community and hope to help it grow further.

Tyson Roberts

Lecturer in Political Science and International Relations, USC When I first watched the website video about Camp Gilboa, it reminded me of my summer on a kibbutz as a college student, and I was immediately eager to send my children and jealous that I hadn't attended this camp when I was a child. My kids enjoyed the Gilboa kens in Los Angeles and once they attended summer camp in Big Bear they were hooked. Serving on the board lets me be involved in one of my kids favorite, most meaningful activities.

Helen Katz (Z"L - August 2019)

It is our deepest sadness to share that Helen passed away in August 2019. She will be missed.

Previous Lay Leadership:

Progressive Jewish Alliance, Board Member

JCCA, Past Chair of the Board of Directors

Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Committee Chair

Camp Gilboa and the Habonim Youth Movement, which was a big part of my teen years, helped make me the activist I have been throughout my life. From my family I knew that I had a responsibility to all people to work for social justice and equality in the world. Camp and the movement taught me that I could really make a difference if I worked strategically with others. It also gave me years of fun and many wonderful friendships.

Yahli Livni

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Sarah Benor

Bio Coming Soon!

Michal Lemberger

Writer/Editor/Teacher When my older daughter was 9-years old, she chose Camp Gilboa after reading the mission statement. The kid was onto something. At Camp Gilboa, our family has found a community guided by the values we hold dear: equality, respect for others, and collective responsibility. Gilboa is a special place that engages those values through fun, immersive experiences at the beautiful Big Bear setting, where campers will grow to be future leaders, at Gilboa and then in the wider world. I’m delighted to support that work as a member of the board.

Naomi Cohen

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Maya Paz

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David Oderberg

My introduction to the Institute of Jewish Education (Gilboa's LA HQ) was as nursery school student many years ago. I attended Hebrew School there was well, eventually joining Habonim, making life-long friends and growing up in Gilboa. I went on Workshop (Habonim-Dror's gap year in Israel), studied in Israel for my college junior year, and led tours to Israel. All this was made possible by a large group of volunteers on the "Camp Committee". When my kids were of age, Gilboa was right there, teaching them the values that I had learned years before and that had shaped my life in so many ways. Now they have "graduated" from Gilboa, and I hope that someday, their children will attend. I joined the board of Gilboa and of the Institute to "pay it forward" and to make sure that we continue to inspire generations of Jewish youth to support Israel, embody Jewish values, and to "Be the change that we wish to see in the world". Alei U'vneh!

Ettie Taft

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Amalia Walker

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Ronnie Hecht

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Quinn Tassin

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Dani Lainer-Vos

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The Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa Board and its committees are comprised of highly dedicated alumni, parents of campers, Habonim-Dror ma’apilimot (youth leadership) and friends of Gilboa who volunteer their time, energy and support.

Click below to learn about the impact that Camp Gilboa has had on their lives.  



Please email the Board President if you’d like to pitch in.