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Give to support the journey of a lifetime.

Over the course of their Gilboa journeys, children, teens, and young adults live out Gilboa values and play a unique role in building the community around them. They create lifelong friendships, develop meaningful Shabbat traditions and a deep sense of Jewish identity, and experience living the value of collective responsibility. Gilboa prepares them to become compassionate leaders, critical thinkers, and moral voices in the communities they join throughout their lives.

In Their Words


My Gilboa memories are consumed by meaningful peulot (educational activities), a personal kvutsa (group) experience, and endless support from the entire community. To this day, when I think of Gilboa, I think about how it's the arch nemesis of apathy. Gilboa inspires ACTION. Whether I knew it or not, Hagshama - actualizing on your values - was pressed into me before I knew about it as a pillar. To me, Gilboa means change in a stagnant world. 


Living in a community of excited thinkers, builders, and doers inspires me. Gilboa introduces me to new perspectives, societal issues in the US and Israel/Palestine, and information that I would never have discovered on my own. I have heated debates with friends about changing the world, and have learned to recover from disagreements and re-engage regardless of our opinions. We motivate each other to do better, think more broadly, and fix things when they’re not right.

​This past summer we saw just how much kids and teens need Gilboa. A record number of campers joined us for a summer at our beautiful camp in Big Bear! 


After a challenging year and a half at home, Gilboa campers and youth leaders came together again to play, learn, and create. We welcomed everyone back to camp, holding space to reconnect and grow in a loving and nurturing community.


Tzevet (youth leaders) reignited the Gilboa spirit after two years away. They addressed challenges with the guidance and mentorship of year-round, medical, and mental health staff, and will need ongoing support to continue to lead us into a bright future!


A growing camp means growing needs. Your gift will directly nurture and build Gilboa’s growing community of young leaders at all stages in their Habonim journey.

Support Gilboa...


Please be our partner in supporting:

  • Increased need for camp scholarships

  • Tzevet recruitment and training

  • Medical and mental health professional services & training

  • Year-round engagement programs like weekend seminars and Tzedek, our teen social justice and leadership program


Make a  legacy gift and become a forever part of Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa. Make a bequest in your will or trust, name Gilboa as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan, or direct your foundation to make annual gifts beyond your lifetime to Gilboa. Legacy gifts will strengthen the Yoni Shultz Endowment Fund and help secure Gilboa’s future! 

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