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Meet Mazkirut 2024!

Good Morning Gilboa Community,

We are so jazzed to announce this year's Mazkirut (youth leadership team)! Welcome the faces that will have a huge impact shaping the programming, operations, education and camper care this summer (along with our tzevet of course)! Summer can't come quickly enough!

Roxy - Melavah (Camper Care Specialist)

My name is Roxy (they/them) and I am the Melavah at Machaneh Gilboa this year! Im counting down the days til summer (161) from the beach in Santa Barbara, which is where I have been since you last saw me.  To be honest I’d much rather be swimming in bluff lake… but the hippos…never mind. My favorite time at machaneh (camp) is Shabbat, from challah braiding after lunch on Friday until גלידה (ice cream) post Medurah (campfire time), but until then I’ll stay on the beach. I can’t wait to run among the butterscotch trees with all of you and smile for three months straight!

Marly - Techni (Technical Director)

Hey I’m Marly and I can’t wait to be 1/2 of techni on Mazkirut this upcoming summer. I live in the wonderful Bay Areaaaaa and will be graduating in May from USFCA! I’m looking forward to hot summer days by the brecha (pool) and for all the yummy food that Mitbach will be cooking up. See you all there! 🐒

Lia - Techni (Technical Director)

Hi all! So excited to be 1/2 of techni this summer. This will be my 12th summer in Habonim which is insane but I love it so much. I am currently spending a semester abroad in Copenhagen but typically go to school at WashU in St. Louis. Can’t wait to see you all by the pool and in the chadar (dining hall)!

Nina - Chinuch (Education Director)

Hey everyone! I’m Nina and I am so excited to be back at camp this summer and doing my dream job with my dream bestie AJ. I study creative writing at the University of Michigan, although I’m currently studying abroad in the UK and workshopping my Scottish accent, which I’ll hopefully be really good at by the time you see me. I can’t wait for the summer and all the good old-fashioned learning and playing we’re going to do, if I have anything to say about it. See you soon!

AJ - Chinuch (Education Director)

Howdy, my name is AJ and I'm thrilled to be one-half of team chinuch this summer! I just moved back from Brazil, where I was working at a human rights NGO and occasionally checking in on Habonim Dror Brasil. I'm sooo excited to see everyone up the mountain and frolick in the meadow together. Passions include tap dance, creating unforgettable summers, and workers' liberation.

Isaiah - Rosh (Camp Director)

Hey Everyone! I’m Isaiah, this year’s Rosh (head of camp)! I just graduated from Reed College in Portland Oregon where I was studying American History and minoring in Ceramic Arts. Now I’m back in LA for a few months before the summer and I’m using half of my degree by working part time as a ceramic production assistant. Until then, I can’t wait to get back up the mountain with all of you to our beautiful machaneh! :) See you all soon!


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