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Shabbat Blog: Chotrimot (plus photos!)

Shabbat Shalom Gilboa Families!

Week 2 is coming to a close. We can hardly believe how quickly time is flying! With Visitor's Day right around the corner and one more week of first session, our days are jam packed with adventure. Thursday was Yom Meyuchad (Special Day), which is a day completely planned by a few tzevet (staff) that transforms machaneh (camp) for the day. This year's theme was French Revolution, where chanichimot (campers) awoke as peasants who had to eat gruel (oatmeal) and work under unfair conditions set by the French monarchy. After some unfair labor demands from the King and Queen, chanichimot went through various protest and rebellion chuggim (choice blocks) to learn about and practice advocating for their rights! By the end of the day, chanichimot (campers) overthrew the French government in a giant camp-wide rebellion in a fight for more equal labor. The night ended with cake, naturally.

Here is what a few of the chotrimot (rising 7th graders) had to report about the Special Day:

"For Special day / Yom Meyuchad this year, we had a fun and informative activity about the French Revolution. We started the day by waking up and seeing the mess hall decorated with statues and gold ornaments. I was impressed, and thought it might be a palace, but where?! In France! We started breakfast with oatmeal, with choices of brown sugar, m&ms, and chocolate chips. After some very enjoyable music, we saw a peasant spill water, which angered the king. The king tells us to go do our labor. Each kvutsa/age group was tasked with a pointless act of work. Our group carried water to a hole. We decided to revolt. After dinner, (some great garlic bread and pasta), we head over to the dam to see both the king and queen try to escape! We were ready with bows and arrows. As the string releases, the arrow hits their boat, and suddenly the boat flips! The king and queen fall in and we all cheer! We head to the chadar (mess hall) for some tasty cake and a good night's rest. The day is over and we are free!" - Adi Goldman

And of course, some photos from the past few days! We hope to see some of you on Visitor's Day tomorrow. That's all from us for now, reach out as always if you need anything!



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