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Update from Gilboa's Board President

Hello Gilboa Community,

This is Tyson Roberts, President of the Camp Gilboa Board of Directors, and I’m writing with a brief State of the Camp report.

The state of our camp is strong!

We had more campers than ever before in 2021 and again in 2022. To ensure that camp is accessible to all families, we also gave out more scholarships than ever before. Due to the popularity of Camp Gilboa and the need to limit the number of campers until we can expand the physical capacity of the camp, we expect to have a waitlist for the first time next summer - some sessions are already almost full!

In addition to quantity, we’re also delivering on quality, as reflected in post-summer survey responses from parents and campers:

  • 90% extremely or very likely to return

  • 91% extremely or very likely to recommend Gilboa to others.

  • 97% rated the overall leadership of the camp as excellent or very good.

In addition to a flourishing summer program, we continue to provide excellent weekend seminars, year-round ken events, and Tzedek programming for high school students.

This success is a tribute to our incredible youth leadership and our year-round staff – Alison, Kit, and Yahli – as well as our Executive Director, Elana Bloomfield, who has led the camp through the past two summers, following approximately eight years under Dalit Shlapobersky. Elana has been working at Camp Gilboa since 2013. She started as the Madatz Madricha (CIT Counselor), then Rakezet Chinich (Education Director), Rosh Machaneh (summer director), Outreach and Tzedek Coordinator, and Associate Director, and is now in her second year as Executive Director.

Elana’s long-term plans are to move back to her native Vancouver, Canada, in the next year or so, to rejoin her family. She will ensure a smooth transition to a new executive director. In the coming weeks we’ll begin the search process for a new Executive Director, who will begin sometime in 2023. Elana will overlap with the new ED for an extended period of time to enable a thorough training as well as completion of some key projects, including a strategic plan and master plan.

We will maximize our chances of a successful search and transition if everyone in our community contributes to the effort. If you have any suggestions for good candidates or other ideas that might be helpful, please get in touch. Together we’ll continue to build a stronger community.

Tyson Roberts

Chair, Board of Directors

A quick personal note from Elana:

Hi Gilboa!

I am sending this to you all with many mixed emotions. I look back at the past decade feeling so grateful for how a seemingly small and convenience-based decision to come to Gilboa as a madatz madricha in 2013 altered the course of my life in the most incredible way. I cannot begin to express how much Gilboa (and the people who make up Gilboa) has given me over the past 10 years. As for my plan for the coming year - I’m not going anywhere just yet! I am excited to work with the board and search committee to ensure a smooth onboarding process and transition and am confident that Gilboa is headed in a wonderful direction. You are always welcome to reach out to me directly to ask questions or share thoughts. My email is and my phone number is 323-605-8485. With so much love and gratitude, Elana


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