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Visitor's Day Recap (plus photos!)

Dear Gilboa Families,

It was so wonderful to welcome families seasoned and fresh back to machaneh (camp) for Visitor's Day. We ate delicious food, learned what chanichimot (campers) were up to, heard from our Directors and Chair of the Board, and sang lots!

For those who were there in spirit, here was the overall schedule of the day:

During the first two and a half hours, chanichimot (campers) met up with their families and spent time sharing new camp memories over lunch. Then, we gathered at the volleyball court to hear speeches from our Directors and learn the classic camp tune "Splendor Bridge". We then split up by kvutsa (age group) to learn cheers, go through various parts of the day as a group, and play some of our favorite Gilboa games. Afterwards, we gathered back altogether for hitkansut (flag lowering) to sing before saying goodbye to our visitors. After bidding parents adieu, chanichimot headed to the pool for a pool party, then had a bit of chofesh (free time) before dinner. Finally, each kvutsa ended the evening together doing various relaxing activities like movie nights and group bonding.

By the way...we opened registration especially for returning families today! If you are a returning family and would like to register for 2024, click here.

Of course, there's never a dull moment at Gilboa...tomorrow, chanichimot (campers) head off on Tiyul (an outdoor camping adventure). After a calm evening and early bedtime, we are preparing everyone for a safe and well-hydrated day tomorrow! We will talk to you soon!


Below are photos from today and yesterday. Enjoy!


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