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For over 80 years, Camp Gilboa...


...was the first place where you welcomed Shabbat or participated in your first and only “Revolution". It's where you found lifelong friendships, truly strengthened your Jewish identity, or began your engagement in social causes. For over 80 years, Camp Gilboa has had a lasting, profound impact on countless lives -- here's to the next 80!

And, whether you spent one summer or ten at:

Green Valley.jpg

Na'ame, Green Valley


Old Big Bear


Idyllwild, California

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 12.03.34

Tatapochen, San Bernardino

Bluff Lake, Big Bear are part of a Gilboa family that continues to thrive in California. We love it when you get back in touch, join our committees and board, and reconnect with the community for year-round celebrations like Shabbat or SukkothWe hope you'll join us in helping to make it stronger all summer, all year, and all life long. 

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We've had three reunions and will have more in the future! Check out the wonderful memories we shared: