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Mentl heath

Mental Health Professional

Location: Big Bear Lake, CA

Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa is seeking a residential, seasonal mental health professional (MHP). The MHP is a critical member of the Camper Care Team at Camp Gilboa. In addition to providing direct intervention and support of campers and staff, resources and training to campers and staff, the MHP also works to support our unique youth leadership model by empowering staff and youth leadership in their roles. The MHP should have a desire to grow personally and professionally as part of a close-knit community of committed individuals.

Job Commitment
- Spring 2024
: May-June, 2024 – 4-6 hours/week spent conducting intakes with campers and families, creating care plans for the summer, and working with mazkirut (senior youth leadership) to design training sessions for staff week. $30-35/hour.
- Summer 2024
: Full time, residential on-site from June 27th-August 8th. $1100-1200 weekly, depending on experience

- 75% discount on camp tuition for camp-age children.
- Residential position - housing and meals provided. While not ideal, it is possible for someone who takes clients over Zoom allotted time to continue to do so while at camp.

- Provide ongoing mentorship, training and support to counselors, inclusion counselors and youth-led Camper Care Coordinators as they implement interventions and program modifications.
- Work with campers and staff to proactively incorporate skills and strategies to alleviate anxiety and contribute to a positive camp environment.
- Provide emotional support and guidance to individual campers with active mental health concerns.
- Provide assessment and direct intervention in cases of mental health and/or behavioral crises in collaboration with camper care team, camp director and Executive Director
- Supervise the camper care team
- Work with the ED to bring in outside consultation from the mental health committee as needed
- Work with camper care team to design modifications to programs and activities to be inclusive of all campers, including those with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Executive Functioning Issues, and more.
- Maintain required documentation for camper meetings, team meetings and parent calls.
- Respond to parent concerns related to campers with mental health and/or behavioral issues.
- Be “on call” for any behavioral, social or mental health crises that arise with campers or staff. An “on call” schedule will be established and agreed upon prior to the start of the summer.
- Attend pre-camp training on camp policies, including child abuse and neglect and emergency procedures.
- Provide staff training prior to opening day and during summer on behavior management, child development and childhood mental health disorders.
- Provide support to staff as needed, and support senior staff in finding solutions to mental health challenges counselors are facing
- Participate in meetings with camp leadership to ensure that camper and staff well being are central to the operation of camp.
- Provide guidance on supporting staff and camper with regards to coping with Covid-19 and other mental health issues that may come up at camp
- Provide support for counselors to care for their personal mental health and emotional wellbeing

Qualifications and Experience:
- Holds a graduate level or higher degree in a mental health field
- Hiring is dependent on passing Federal and State Background Checks.
- A strong commitment to youth empowerment, inclusion and social justice.
- Camp experience – either personal or professional – preferred.
- Excellent crisis management skills
- Drivers license strongly
- Supervisory skills
- Someone who is an excellent and compassionate communicator
- MSW/MFT/etc
- Supervisory skills


Madrichimot (Counselors)

Location: Big Bear Lake, CA

Do you love creating fun? Having fun? Helping craft young leaders through the lens of social justice and Jewish identity? We're looking for passionate, enthusiastic Tzevet (counselors) to help make summer 2024 magical.

FYI Terms:

  • Mazkirut - senior staff team

  • Tzevet katan - group of counselors working with a specific age group

  • Tzevet gadol - staff at large

  • Mazkirut kesher - the mazkirut liaison for a specific tzevet katan

  • Tzevet - staff

  • Madrich/a/ol - counselor

  • Madrichimot - counselors

  • Machaneh - camp

  • Kvutzah - age group

  • Mitbach - kitchen



Madrichimot (counselors) are responsible for creating a fun, safe, and supportive environment for the group of campers (kvutzah) that they are working with. This includes being attuned to the physical and emotional needs of each individual camper, and knowing when and how to reach out to camp leadership (mazkirut and ED) for additional support.

The role of a madrichol (counselor) includes building and maintaining cohesive group dynamics between campers and fostering the camp culture within their group. Gilboa madrichimot (staff) are expected to be positive team members in their tzevet katan (counselors for a specific group), take on leadership roles, and support the overall goals of the summer and the staff at large.

All applicants will be verified by the head of camp (Rosh) with input and support by the mazkirut (camp leadership). This verification process includes looking at background, character, previous relevant experiences, submission of references, and an interview.


Important Dates:

  • Chalutz (pre-camp training and orientation) - June 17th - June 29th

  • Session 1: June 30th - July 21st)

  • Intersession: (July 22 - July 23rd)

  • Session 2: (July 24th - August 7th)

  • Decon (closing down camp): August 8 - August 14



  • The day officially begins around 8:30am and camp-wide programming ends around 9pm, but can be extended for specific age groups.

  • All staff are expected to be on with kids at the start of the day until programming is over unless they are on their off-block or other arrangements have been made.

  • Once camp begins, all tzevet (staff) get approximately 4 off days for the whole summer.

  • Counselors are responsible to be in constant communication with the Mazkirut (directors) for all aspects of their job and follow specific reporting procedures relating to supervision and wellbeing of children. 

  • Counselors must attend a pre-camp orientation to learn rules, regulations, policies, and procedures and are expected to follow these. If a counselor cannot attend this pre-camp orientation, the mazkirut (directors) will work with them to create an alternative orientation.

    • Madrichimot (counselors) are expected to attend approximately 4 pre-summer planning sessions with their tzevet katan (co-counselors) during the spring (April - June) as well as full staff training sessions. 

    • Madrichimot (counselors) are expected to join volunteer planning committees (vaadot) for camp-wide programs, such as Shabbat and special days.  

  • Pay attention to the hygenic and physical well being of their assigned campers, in accordance with their age and levels of independence 

  • Ensure that their assigned campers attend all camp programming, and are constantly keeping accounts of their campers’ whereabouts, including any time spent outside of normal activities for reasons of being sick, in the office, etc. 

  • Make sure that no camper goes near any hazardous place alone such as the lake, pool, woods, and to make sure that campers are aware of boundaries and safety risks.

    • Summer 2024: Ensure all Covid-19 safety protocols are followed

  • If the counselor suspects of any health or safety risk to their camper including physical or sexual abuse they should report this to the Mazkirut (directors) and Executive Director immediately.

  • Counselors are expected to live in the cabin with their campers, unless a specific arrangement has been made with the mazkirut (directors). 

  • Work in a cohesive, respectful, and supportive partnership with their co-counselors and to make their mazkirut kesher (director liaison) aware of any issues or tensions.

  • Plan and run activities with other members of their staff such as educational programming (peulot) and group bonding activities. 

  • Update and discuss group dynamics of their assigned campers, progress of campers, and decide if any mazkirut members (directors) need to be made aware of anything. 

  • Each counselor is expected to be a dugma (role model) in all aspects of behavior both for campers, madatz (CITs) and for other tzevet members. 

  • Strive to communicate the philosophy and values of machaneh (camp) to the campers in a positive, and appropriate manner. 

  • Communicate concerns about the campers' physical or emotional health to the melevol (Director of Camper Wellbeing), Rosh (camp director), Executive Director, and nurse when relevant. 

  • Assist campers in developing independence, new skills, and a sense of responsibility.

  • Facilitate the building of relationships between campers and serve as a conflict mediator, with the goal of helping campers develop empathy and critical-thinking skills. 

  • Attend and participate in all asefot (staff meetings) and other required staff programming.

  • Play a role in shaping the culture of the staff through being an accountable, respectful, and adaptable member of tzevet (staff).

To apply, submit resume and cover letter to Rosh Machaneh (head of camp), Isaiah. Email here.

Health Staff

Health Staff

Location: Big Bear Lake, CA

To Apply: Please send resume and cover letter to Rebecca Green ( and Sydney Rosenberg (sydney@campgilboa) with the subject line: Health Center Staff Application


Dates: June 30 - August 7, 2024 (Minimum commitment 3 days, longer periods preferred)


Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa, an ACA accredited, residential summer camp located in Big Bear Lake California is seeking a nurse or physician for summer 2024. Clinic staff are responsible for providing healthcare to a camp of approximately 130 campers and 50 staff in the camp’s mirpa’ah (health center). The health center is staffed with 2 clinicians. The health center has “open” hours for medication dispensing and re-checks. The health center staff remain on-call for the remainder of their working days (24 hours) to respond to emergencies or to care for “in-patient” campers. This is a residential position.  We encourage applicants to familiarize themselves more with Camp Gilboa and what makes us unique by perusing our website: 


Primary Responsibilities

  • Check-in of all campers and staff at the beginning of each session to determine correct storage of medications and verification of food/activity restrictions with parents and camp staff.

  • Maintain records of all health related visits to the health center.

  • Review all medications that will be taken by campers and administer and document medications.

  • Provide first aid, and other health treatment as needed to campers and staff.

  • Organize camper health information and emergency forms to be used when providing direct care, or when campers leave campgrounds and stock and maintain first aid supplies for: day trip packs, overnight packs and first aid boxes throughout camp.

  • Partner with Executive Director, Camper Care Coordinator and Summer Program Director through Camper Care team regarding health and safety of campers and staff.

  • Lead “triage” efforts to determine whether sick/injured campers require further evaluation/treatment at the Emergency Department.

  • Communicate directly with parents regarding health issues of campers, including informing parents of camper illness/injury.

  • Communicate with additional or outside healthcare providers for ongoing or complex camper medical questions.

  • Maintain health clinic to meet the needs of “in-patients” (direct care-giving, laundry, general cleaning), and in compliance with the American Camp Association standards and state/county regulatory requirements.


Qualifications & Job Functions

  • Licensed nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician with active and unrestricted California license

  • Current and valid driver’s license.

  • Active BLS certification or board certification equivalent.

  • Candidates must complete required Federal and State background checks.

  • Preferred: experience working in Urgent Care or Emergency Department, and/or in camp or school setting.

  • Strong relationship building skills, flexibility and patience, ability to thrive in both collaborative and independent work environments.

  • Experience and clinical skills for working independently with pediatric patients.

  • Confidence in delivering routine and emergency care in a camp setting.

  • Excellent documentation and communication skills for communication.

  • Basic computer skills.

  • Physical ability to lift/assist campers and staff for treatment.

  • Able to maintain friendly, approachable, and enthusiastic presence to all campers, staff, and camper families.


Salary: $300/day.


Additional Benefits: Room and Board (private room with shared bath), 75% Camp Tuition Credit for each week of work at Gilboa for eligible campers enrolled in Camp Gilboa programs.

Camp Gilboa does not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.

Gilboa Fellowship

Gilboa Fellowship

Join the Camp Gilboa Fellowship Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders in a Progressive Jewish Community

At Camp Gilboa, deep into the Big Bear mountains, just outside of Los Angeles, we are more than just a camp; we are a vibrant, progressive Jewish community dedicated to nurturing the young leaders of tomorrow. Our fellowship program is designed for dynamic college-aged individuals, 18-22 years old, who are eager to impact lives, foster progressive Jewish values, and create unforgettable summer experiences.


As part of our commitment to educational excellence and leadership development, we invite you to become a cornerstone of our community, shaping the future while expanding your skills in a nurturing and supportive environment. Our fellows play a pivotal role in crafting a fun, safe, and enriching camp atmosphere. They are attuned to the campers' physical and emotional needs, ensuring a cohesive and positive experience that aligns with Gilboa’s ethos of mutual respect, learning, and growth.


Empowerment through Responsibility and Creativity

Fellows are entrusted with the task of building strong group dynamics, instilling a sense of camp culture, and leading by example. Your leadership will help campers navigate their journey, encouraging them to explore new interests, embrace community living, and engage with Jewish values in meaningful ways. By joining our team, you will:


  • Collaborate with camp youth leadership (mazkirut), Rosh (head of camp), and professional staff (ADs and ED) to tailor a summer that reflects our collective goals and values.

  • Contribute to a professional development program that not only focuses on the here and now but also equips you for future educational and leadership roles.

  • Gain general hands-on childcare experience

  • Connect and be in community with Jewish youth concerned with social and political issues 

  • Connect to Gilboa’s professional community of progressive Jews concentrated in southern California.


Specialized Fellowships

We are excited to offer specialized fellowship roles, each designed to integrate our education, childcare, and youth leadership experience with your unique skills and passions to enhance our diverse and dynamic program:


  • Jewish Cultural Specialist: Lead transformative educational experiences each shabbat, design age-appropriate curricula for campwide use, become an integral part of our learner-centered environment.

  • Art Specialist: Channel your creativity into organizing and designing large-scale murals and sculptures for our themed days, plan and run daily hands-on art education for various age groups, teach younger staff how to plan and execute compelling art education and how to conduct large-scale projects.

  • Communications Specialist: Capture the essence of Camp Gilboa through photos and brief podcasts, manage our blog, collaborate with musicians at camp to create a shared album of our unique camp songs and organize pre and post-camp communications with parents and campers. 

  • Mental Health Advocate: Receive a sponsorship to attend a Youth Mental Health First Aid training, gain hands-on experience in youth mental health, guide campers in emotional intelligence, participate in daily camper care meetings to discuss and make plans for campers experiencing difficulty with our resident mental health professional and camper care team.

  • Social Justice Champion: Create and organize our Tzedek (teen social justice) seminar in collaboration with our Educational director, create curricula for various age groups that reflect our commitment to social justice, educate campers on important historical and contemporary movements and develop programs that inspire action and reflection.

  • Israel/Palestine Educator: Craft thoughtful and progressive educational content on the history and contemporary condition of Israel and Palestine designed for various ages, foster understanding and informed dialogue among campers and staff, collaborate on planning and running our annual theme day about the social and political issues in Israel.

A Community That Grows Together

We cherish the long-standing bonds with those who have grown up with us, as well as the fresh perspectives brought by new members. With two fellowship spots available in each specialization, we encourage you to apply, whether you’re rekindling your camp spirit or eager to join our community for the first time. Embrace this chance to lead, learn, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of leadership, all within the supportive embrace of Camp Gilboa’s progressive Jewish values.


Tzevet Mitbch

Tzevet Mitbach (kitchen staff)

Location: Big Bear Lake, CA


Tzevet mitbach (kitchen staff) are members of a team led by the Roshei Mitbach (Kitchen Managers). General responsibilities include cooking for all of camp, cleaning the kitchen, working with the rest of the mitbach team, and fostering positive relationships with both kids and tzevet gadol (staff). They are additionally responsible for abiding by and upholding Health Department and ACA health codes for food handling, food preparation and food storage, and for understanding safe food handling for kids with allergies and other food sensitivities. Tzevet mitbach is an integral part of machaneh, and is encouraged to take part in educational activities at camp.



  • Prepare 3 meals and 3 snacks for machaneh (camp) on a daily basis.

  • Understand health and safety standards and keep the mitbach up to code throughout the course of the summer.

    • Ensure all Covid-19 policies and protocols

    • Ensure that the mitbach is a physically safe environment as best as possible

    • Handling, cleaning, and storing equipment properly

  • Maintain a kosher kitchen (to the best of our ability) and be aware and attentive to dietary needs and allergies of all campers and staff.

  • Prepare meal alternatives for food sensitive people and people with dietary restrictions and be patient when handling these instances.

  • Ensure that tzevet (staff) and kids feel comfortable asking for what they need.

  • Learn to take initiative with performing tasks in the mitbach (kitchen). 

  • Help with receiving orders, unloading, checking inventory, straightening shelves and refrigerators, cleaning the kitchen bathroom, and keeping the kitchen and storage areas clean and sanitary. 

  • In coordination with Rashei Mitbach, aspire to plan, lead and participate in camp’s activities.

    • Be a part of relevant tzevet-wide trainings and educational programs.

    • Be present for on blocks with kids (most members of mitbach will have one on-block). 

    • Be a part of the greater Gilboa community (i.e. camp-wide programs) when possible. 

  • Be a part of tzevet vaadot (staff committees) processes: planning and running necessary programming.

  • Adhere to all tzevet responsibilities regarding campers’ health, safety, and wellbeing.

  • Once camp begins, all tzevet (staff) get approximately 4 off days for the whole summer in addition to off-blocks.

  • Be a part of bringing fun ideas to the mitbach (ex: music, group bonding activities, etc.)

To apply, submit resume and cover letter to Rosh Machaneh (head of camp), Isaiah. Email here.

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