Travel to Camp

Registered families: A transportation form has been added to your camp account - please fill it out ASAP! 

Families of madatz: Please plan to bring the madatz to camp. We will provide transportation to LA/the airport for them on August 9th.

Getting to camp travel procedures:

Unvaccinated Campers:
Unvaccinated campers should be driven to camp. Carpools are permitted within the camper’s pod. If you would like help organizing a carpool, please reach out to to be connected with other families from your child’s pod. 

In an effort to shorten the travel for families of unvaccinated campers from Northern California and San Diego, we will be offering transportation for these campers from Redlands. They will be driven the rest of the way to camp in vans, with windows down and wearing masks. Please plan to be at the Redlands drop off around 11:15am - vans are set to leave at 11:45am. 

Vaccinated campers: 
We are offering buses for vaccinated campers from LA, San Diego, and Redlands. Because there is still a risk associated with flying and then entering a group environment with many unvaccinated people, we ask that vaccinated campers from Northern California be driven to any of these locations.

Day 1 Testing: Required for ALL campers! 

Please do not eat or drink 30 mins ahead of the test! Water is fine up to 10 mins before the test.

Testing for 1st Session (starting July 7th)

Campers will all be tested at the bus drop-off locations on their way to camp (see bus locations below) or at the Silverlake JCC.

If you are driving your child, please plan to stop at one of the testing locations:

  • Los Angeles:

    • Gilboa Office 8339 West 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048 - between 8:30-9:15am

    • Silverlake JCC 1110 Bates Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029 - between 9:30-10am

  • Inland Empire:

    • Congregation Emanu El 1495 Ford St, Redlands, CA 92373 - between 11-11:45am 

For 2nd Session (starting July 28th)Campers will all be tested at the Silverlake JCC (9:30-10am) or Congregation Emanu El in Redlands (11-11:30am). Please plan to stop at one of these locations on your way to camp.

If stopping at these locations is logistically impossible for your family, there is the option to be tested at camp, but we ask that you arrive no later than 1pm in order for us to get the tests to the lab and receive the results in time. 

We will be using PCR pooled surveillance testing with results returned within a few hours as another layer of risk-reduction before campers enter close contact with those in their pod. 

Bus To Camp Procedure:
  • Please note that check in at the bus as well as at camp will take longer than usual and we appreciate your patience and on time arrival.

  • There will be a check in table where you will show your negative Covid test if we haven't already received it from you and we will collect medications and kupa.

  • From there you will go to another table to take your Covid test. This is a saliva test and camper should not eat 30 minutes ahead of the test. Water up to 10 mins ahead of the test is fine. 

  • Timing (parents should plan to stay until the bus departs):

    • LA: Please be at the Gilboa office (8339 West 3rd St) at 9am. Check in and testing will take longer than usual! The buses will arrive at 9:30 and leave by 10am. 

    • Inland Empire: Meet at Congregation Emanu El (1495 Ford St, Redlands) at 11:15am. Bus/vans depart at 11:45am. 

    • San Diego: Meet at the back parking lot of the Lawrence Family JCC (4126 Executive Drive, La Jolla) at 9:30am. The bus departs at 10am.

  • Campers will board the bus by pod and will be required to wear masks the entire time, except when drinking water. 

  • Campers who get carsick: please take dramamine right before getting on the bus. It should kick in just as we get on the windy mountain road. 

  • All buses have counselors escorting and we will provide water during the trip.

  • Except for when taking a sip of water, campers are required to wear masks at all times.

  • An email will be sent to parents to notify of the safe arrival of the buses to camp.

Drop Off at Camp Procedure:

  • Driving directions can be found HERE and will be emailed to you.

  • Cars will stop outside the entrance to camp to check in and show their negative Covid test if we do not have record of receiving it. Campers without this will be turned away.

  • There are limited spots inside camp - cars will wait at the entrance until a spot becomes available and the designated counselor directs them there. 

  • Once in the parking lot, families will help campers unload bags, move bags to the grade's designated area next to the parking lot, and give their kids big hugs goodbye! Parents will not be permitted to walk around camp and help their child unpack. We will only move into cabins in the evening once Covid test results are returned.

  • Please put your child's kupa in their backpack - their counselors will collect it during intro activities. You can also hand it to any other non-counselor camp staff, just please clearly label it "Kupa - Child Name".

  • Medical staff will be set up at a table in the parking lot to collect medications and talk with parents about care plans.

    • Please note that this will be a very hectic time and our nurse, Lynn, is unable to have long conversations at this time. Lynn is now with us at camp and available to speak on the phone ahead of the start of camp. Please email or text Elana at 323-605-8485 to request a more extensive phone conversation with Nurse Lynn.

Campers from out of state: 

Please contact the office to discuss the details. If you plan to already be in Southern California, please indicate in your transportation form what your plan is for getting your camper to and from camp. 

Getting home from camp travel procedures:​

A note on testing unvaccinated campers upon the return home: Though campers will have spent the session in the camp bubble, making the risk of bringing Covid into the community from camp low, we strongly recommend that unvaccinated campers get tested after camp.

Bus: We will be offering buses to LA and the Ontario airport for all campers at the end of each session. Pick up at the end of camp is at the Gilboa office in LA around 1:30pm or from the Ontario airport around 12:15pm. 

Parents will be given the cell phone number of the counselor on the bus if they would like to request a more exact ETA once the bus is on the road.

Pick up from camp: Parents are still welcome to choose to pick their child up from camp - exact arrival time will be sent later, but plan to arrive in the 10-11am range.

Flight: Northern California parents can opt to fly their camper home. Details of the group flight to Northern California have been sent to NorCal families and is in the travel form in your online camp account. If you need assistance please write to

Flying Procedures (flights only for the way home for 2021)

Please forward the confirmation email to us (to, so that we have it on file. We need it to issue a boarding pass for your camper.

  • Once you've booked a flight, or decided on another travel option, please update your choices on the Travel Form in your online Gilboa account and forward the confirmation email to us.

  • A $100 travel discount will be applied to each camper's balance.

  • Southwest does not require an ID for minors, but it's recommended to have a photocopy of an ID (student ID will suffice). Place one copy in their luggage (for the way back) and make sure your camper knows where to find it.

Procedures at the airport for parents:​

  • Please arrive early to have enough time to park, get an escort pass, and go through security.

  • One adult per minor traveler can receive a pass to meet their child at the gate when the flight lands.

    • Make sure to have an ID. You will be required to present it at the Southwest ticketing desk to receive the pass.

    • Note that non-travelling siblings will not be allowed to accompany you to the gate.