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Our philosophy

as a youth-led community

is built on the value of collective responsibility.


This means we see each person’s unique spark and understand that we all play a part in making the community what it is. We believe that when we create a community based on the values we want to see in society - equality, democracy and interdependence - we become more able to bring light into the world.

How We Do It...


Working Together

We all work together to take care of camp. Avodah cultivates a sense of personal responsibility and pride in the place we call home for the summer - we see that camp is a place that really does belong to every single one of us.

“All jobs teach us how to take care of each other, and not just ourselves.”

- Matan

“When I first came to camp, I looked up to the older kids. It’s so cool that now I can be a role model and help younger kids make Gilboa their home too!”

Building a Loving, Supportive Community


Many activities are camp-wide or in mixed age groups and everyone gets to know every single person at camp. This creates a real sense of community and allows older campers to be role models, support and guide younger campers.


Making Judaism Personal & Relevant

Shabbat at Gilboa is an experience we all create together. Every week, each age group takes turns preparing a different aspect of Shabbat (baking challah, creating the Oneg, writing a blogpost, singing a Kabbalat Shabbat song, presenting a blessing, and cleaning and setting up the dining hall.) When the whole camp comes together on Friday evening, we celebrate each other's contributions.  

"Shabbat at camp is the best. There’s something magical about the lake on Friday night, and starting the new week with your friends under the stars."

“At camp you're learning all the time, but you don't even know it, because it's so fun!”

Values-Based Experiential Education


Camp is a space to explore who we are and the world around us. All of our learning is rooted in values exploration and understanding how we can each do our part in creating the world we want to see.

Shared Resources


Camp is a place where each person is valued equally. Kupa is our “give what you can, take what you need” system that allows everyone to contribute to their kvutzah’s (age group) communal resources, according to what they are able. Kupa allows us to take care of each other and ensure everyone’s needs are met. 

“Kupa is a great way for people to learn how to share, be equal no matter what, and to overall become a better person.”

Kupa Shared Resources

We Are An Intentional, Creative, Empowered


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