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Second Shabbat of Summer 2021

Preparing for shabbat

Sayarimot (6th grade) made challah for camp Shabbat dinner!

Friday Evening

We start Friday evenings by gathering all together and then breaking into mishpachot (families). Our mishpachot are ~12 people who are from the same city or area. It's a way to get to know other people who we may see in the year-round activities and create connections with our local Gilboa peers!

From there we walk down to the lake where we hear a song by one of the kvutzot and Quinn (the Rosh Machaneh) tells us a story. We sing "Hachama Merosh" to bring in Shabbat and then walk back up to the chadar ochel (dining hall) for a delicious meal!

Saturday Night

Many people's favorite camp traditions come at the end of Shabbat on Saturday nights. We do a medurah (campfire) talent show and havdallah (end of Shabbat ritual) under the stars. The bogrimot kvutza (rising 10th grade) always are the hosts for medurah - they do funny skits to introduce each act. And the best part of Saturday nights... ice cream!


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