Bringing Camp to the City!


Throughout the year we have full weekend Gilboa seminars! Seminars are a chance to infuse the year with a bit of the magic of camp Shabbat - including Shabbat dinner, dancing, chuggim (electives), wacky fun, time with kvutzah (age group), musicale, havdallah, and friends!

We help out-of-town kids with travel to LA! See below for details on travel to seminars and travel reimbursements.

Seminar FAQ

What is a Gilboa Seminar?

Twice per year Gilboa campers come together in LA for a weekend of fun, friends, and camp Shabbat traditions! The seminar is hosted at the Institute for Jewish Education, where the Gilboa office is during the year. Everyone arrives on Friday evening and leaves Sunday morning - we all bring sleeping bags and have a big sleepover party in the carpeted library. Seminars are open to friends who have never been to Gilboa but want to come try it out.

How do kids get to seminars?

San Diego

We will purchase train tickets for campers coming from San Diego and the group will travel together with a counselor to LA. They will be picked up at the train station in LA by a Gilboa staff member over the age of 21 or a shuttle service.

Bay Area/Other Flight Locations

You are responsible for booking your child's flight on one of the recommended flights that we send to you - these flights will have a counselor or madatz (junior counselor) escorting the group on the flight. We will reimburse travel up to $200. If your child is flying from a different airport, please contact us to coordinate their arrival time with the group flights. They will be picked up at the airport by a Gilboa staff member over the age of 21 or a shuttle service.

What is the cost and are there scholarships?

Seminars cost $125 until the early bird deadline and $140 after. The cost covers the cost of the seminar (food, staff, program supplies, etc.) and allows us to offer travel reimbursements for NorCal campers in order for seminars to be accessible to everyone! There are scholarships available - please contact us if you need at