"From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs"

 This mantra lives and breathes in everything we do - each of us contributing to our growing and thriving camp community in different ways. Collective responsibility is at the heart of Camp Gilboa!

  • Chanichimot (campers) show up by working to keep camp beautiful - their avodah (work) keeps the kitchen clean, picnic tables freshly painted and the bathrooms sparkling. And our children help shape their camp life through democratic processes built into every aspect of their day. 

  • Teen leaders put their values into action year-round through our Tzedek (Justice) program – doing their part to create the world they want to see.

  • Tzevet (camp staff) spend endless hours and creative energy to run camp! Living their values they are role models supporting and guiding younger campers to take responsibility for each other and their broader communities.

  • Alumni and our Board roll up their sleeves together during Work Weekend to open and close camp each season. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that Gilboa grows and thrives. 


Each spring we look to you to give what you can so we can give our families what they need. We don’t turn any family away for financial reasons. To make this happen we need your continued support today! 

Why We Give...

"It is not an exaggeration when I say that being part of Habonim Dror was one of the most positive influences on my life. I met my spouse on a Habonim Dror trip to Israel and to this day my closest friends in the world are the ones I made at machaneh.

I’m so excited that my kids are now starting their own journey with Gilboa. We give back because we got so much from Habonim!" - Jay

"As our embodiment of “l’dor v’dor” from generation to generation we have arranged a Legacy gift to Gilboa that insures that a vibrant Jewish future will be available to our community’s children and our children’s children. We believe that Jewish camping is a powerful factor in Jewish identity building and that Gilboa is particularly important because it nurtures our future leaders." - Ettie & Marty

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"Throughout my magical summers at Gilboa I learned to create authentic and intentional relationships based in Jewish values. I learned to expand the values of equality empathy and responsibility from friendships to kvutza to machaneh and then to each community I belong to. I developed critical thinking and self-reflection which I carry forward now in my job as a healthcare provider and in building a proud intentional Jewish life.

Every day I am thankful for the experiences that I had at Gilboa and how they have helped me become who I am today. I give to Gilboa to ensure that kids are able to experience the beauty and magic that I did." - Maya

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"As a kid growing up in Israel I spent most of my time free of adult supervision. In the US things are very different but Gilboa provides a unique opportunity for children to play and be independent and responsible. My kids Noam and Romy wait eagerly for the opportunity to be out there on the mountain with their friends; happy and independent. I give to Gilboa because I want this experience to exist in the future and because I want other children to have the same freedom." - Dani

Todah Rabah!