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Communication at Camp

How can I be in touch with Gilboa campers?


The most successful camp experiences occur when a child is fully immersed in camp. Therefore, most direct communication with campers will happen in writing, via old-fashioned snail mail - just send your letter to:


Your Camper's Name (Grade)

Camp Gilboa

P.O. Box 1532

Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-1532

Parents can also send emails to, which we print and deliver at the same time that mail is delivered.


What can I send to camp?


Flat Packages Policy:
The only packages* that Camp Gilboa will receive are FLAT ENVELOPES up to 12”x15” for magazines, photos, or books. Small items such as stickers and pens are permitted as long as they fit inside the flat envelope.

Should your child forget an item (e.g. sunscreen, water bottle, or sandals), please email us to receive approval before mailing these items. Often, camp is able to obtain these items for your child, avoiding the wait and hassle of shipping something to camp.

Please do not send candy or food! Any food sent in packages will have to be discarded. 
If you were hoping to supplement your child’s dietary needs/preferences with care packages, please contact the office to coordinate a solution.

Note that all packages and large envelopes will be opened by office staff prior to distribution.

To avoid potential frustration, please share this policy with your camper, family members and friends.

*We will allow exceptions for camper birthdays - bigger packages will be allowed, as long as they do not contain food or candy. Please note that the Gilboa kitchen always provides food for birthday celebrations (cakes, ice-cream parties, etc.) 

What kind of communication can I expect from Gilboa staff?


The Gilboa blog is updated a few times a week, and it is the main window into camp activities’ descriptions and photos. It will give you good insight into what your child has been doing and what Gilboa and Habonim are all about. In addition, Gilboa staff is always available to talk with you when your child is at camp, and messages are answered within the same day.


Here's when you can be sure to hear from us:

  • If you are a parent of a new camper, you should expect to hear from us within the first days of camp with an update on how your child is doing. Of course, you are welcome to contact us before and request an update.

  • If your child is very homesick, we will let you know. We'll call to consult and decide together what is the best course of action.

  • If your child is not feeling well, is running a fever or stays in the health center for more than just a few hours of rest, we will update you.

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