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Tzevet members need an educational process too! In order to bring challenging and interesting education  to chanichimot, madrichimot first need to ask themselves hard questions and expose themselves to new ideas and ways of thinking. The challenge though, is to accomplish this within the limited available during the summer. 


In response to this challenge, Tzevet participate in Maagal (circle in Hebrew). The goal is to enhance the summer and year-round education and connect it through a year long educational process for madrichimot. Started in 2015, it has now become an integrated and meaningful program for Gilboa that continues to build this community through an ongoing learning process of its year-round engaged maapilimot (college aged) community.  


- Create a space for madrichimot to enhance their own education and explore personal thoughts and ideology. Provide space and the tools needed to bring this back to our chanichimot both in the ken and at machaneh.

- Develop leadership - madrichim will be taking ownership over chinuch (education) and running programming for tzevet

- Enhance education for post-madatz (C.I.T.) who will be invited to participate in the program, and ease their transition into tzeve


- The program will delve into Chinuch (educational) themes drawn from the ideological pillars of HDNA and other topics tzevet is passionate about

- Throughout the year, regional hubs across the country will get together to have fun, build community, and learn together

- In January, we’ll be holding a full weekend seminar in Los Angeles. This seminar is an opportunity for madrichimot outside of the regional hubs to participate. Similarly to the year round programming structure, seminar will allow time to plan peulot and programming based on the content of the seminar.

Alison Ormsby
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