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Work Weekend: May 26th-29th 2023

Family Camp: May 28th-29th at Camp Gilboa in Big Bear, CA

Gilboa opens the camp season each year by bringing together the whole community! New and prospective families, current camper families, alumni, board members, and friends are all invited to join in!

This weekend is our classic work weekend, with a twist. It combines fun, recreational, and communal programming, such as medurah (campfire), with the community working together to prepare the campsite for the summer. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the city with the family, build community, have future campers get to know Gilboa, and give adults the chance to experience the magic of camp!


Who is invited?

All families are welcome!

Families who have never been to camp, families with children younger than the summer camp ages, and families of returning campers all come to family camp and are encouraged to bring friends!

Alumni, parents of teens and staff, and friends are all invited to join the work weekend crew to help us make sure camp is ready for summer 2022!

Children 8th grade and older may come without an adult. 9th and 10th graders participate as madatz (junior counselors) and help counselors (11th grade and older) lead the fun!

What do we do all weekend?

Have fun & get camp ready!

Throughout the weekend, there are blocks of family activities, such as kayaking, hiking, or art, and blocks where kids are with their counselors and parents are free to relax, explore, or join in on any of the site projects going on.

Families are welcome to join with kids of any age. During the kids-only blocks, programming is provided for children aged 4 and older, and parents of younger kids are responsible for their supervision.


We all come together for meals and evening activities by the medurah (campfire)!

Housing & Facilities

Space at Camp Gilboa is limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. The campsite is recently renovated, yet designed to be rustic in nature.

Depending on the ages of children in your family, you can choose between spacious cabins, to be shared with another family, and small private rooms inside the main lodge. The cabins do not have electricity and are lit by solar lanterns. Bathrooms are a separate building, close to the cabins.


The main lodge has a lounge, a kitchen, and other facilities that all are welcome to use.

Campers 2nd grade and older are invited to sleep in cabins with other kids and counselors to get a taste of what camp feels like!

Schedule & Arrival

Camp is open and staff are present from Friday morning on, as we prepare for the weekend. You are welcome to join us early, especially if you're travelling great distances, just keep in mind that the official program starts Saturday morning.

General Schedule:


  • Afternoon - Staff arrives & prepares

  • Shabbat dinner for everyone on site


  • Morning (arrive anytime between 10 and 12:30): Elective activities for families 

  • 12:30-2 pm - Lunch and introduction activity

  • Afternoon: Blocks with separate adult and children programming (learning and discussion groups) and family chugim (electives) - kayaking, sports, art, walk around the lake etc.

  • Evening - dinner, havdallah, medura + kumzits (campfire and singing)


  • Breakfast

  • 10 am - 12 pm - Family camp activity and programs for all kids

  • 12 pm - 2pm - Lunch, wrap up activity, and opportunity to explore the campsite


Vegetarian meals and snacks will be provided throughout the weekend. This will include lots of kid-friendly food, coffee and tea, and alternatives for people with dietary restrictions.


Cost & Registration

$175 per person, capped at $550 per family. Children under 3 are free.



Contact us for additional information.

See you at camp!

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