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Meet Your Madrichimot!

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

With chanichimot (campers) arriving in less than 24 hours, we figured it would be a delightful surprise to introduce our madrichimot (counselors)!

Amelimot (4-5th grade)

The Amelimot tzevet, Roxy, Dalia, Miles, Vivian, Laila, Kylie and Joel are “excited to Play games, tell funny bedtime stories, feed them veggies, explore Gilboa’s values, connect as a kvutsa (age group), have special surprises, and learn dances together"

Sayarimot (6th grade)

The Sayarimot tzevet, Tali, Matthew, and Calypso “are very excited to make stories, play basketball, and strengthen this mighty crew of Sayarimot chanichimot (campers)!"

Chotrimot (7th grade)

Ruby, Shosh, Reese, Theo, Tamar, Hank, Hannah, the Chotrimot tzevet, are “so excited be silly, joke around, have fun ep eps (late night activities), do improv, have bonfires, build rivers, and decorate the tzrifim (cabins)!"

Shomrimot (8th grade)

Marly, Milla, Guy, Omer, Hannah, Jemma, and Charley, the Shomrimot tzevet are “really excited to work with Shomrimot to empower the kids, run our peulot (educational age group activities), shhhh secret ep-eps (late night activities), and embracing our differences to see things from a nuanced perspective!”

Bonimot (9th grade)

The Bonimot tzevet, Sam, Zinnia, Shai, Marley, Emma, and Alex, are “so excited to be in rhythm together, drink Moon Water (Full Moon secret surprise), plan Bonimot Idol together, rikud (Israeli dancing), and medurah (bonfires)"

Bogrimot (10th grade)

Bogrimot tzevet, Ally, Timmy (not pictured), Zoe and Bella are preparing for an unforgettable summer. Ally Rose is excited to "have really fun and intentional activities planned for the kids". Bella is looking forward to "being in nature and getting to know everyone!" Zoe can't wait for "fun and crazy ep-eps (late night activites) where we really get to know the kids!"

We can't wait to see you all so soon!

Let us know if you need anything as you prepare for camp tomorrow (!)


Your tzevet & Alison


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