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Guest Blogging Week 2 - Chuggim Projects, MBG Activism & More!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Comic Books Chug

I loved when we did the comic book making. We all added setting and character ideas and had a vote about which ones we would use. For the settings, a dog won, named Basketball Hoop. A boy named John won too, he copies everyone, and follows them. He is not helpful.

A boy named Captain Kid too, he is a were-goat at night, kinda like a were-wolf.

In the first book, John and his dog live on an ice cream alien planet named Star Cream. One day, it explodes! They move to a new planet called Island Cove. They meet friends Banana the beach penguin, and Captain Kid. But Captain Kid gets kidnapped! They follow a series of clues to find him, which leads to captain Kid’s evil clones. In the second book, they must defeat them. But will they succeed?

- Josie, Amelimot (3rd grade)

Click the arrow to scroll through the pages and read Josie's whole comic book:

Sustainable Vases in Social Justice Art

MBG (11th Grade Kvutza) Activism

As MBG moved virtual, our push for social justice has not slowed down. This past Thursday, led by the MBG tzevet, rising juniors had the opportunity to practice activism in the form of calling their elected officials to advocate for systemic change.

The first group of us responded by calling elected officials to protest the new ICE regulation that determines that international students will lose their visas if their school continues to go virtual in the fall due to COVID-19.

The second group called their local representative to push for the $3.8 billion American aid to Israel to be conditional on Israel not proceeding with its recent announcement towards a formal annexation of Palestine. We also learned this week about how Coronavirus is affecting incarcerated people of color at a disproportionate amount - it’s killing more incarcerated people than the past 44 years of the death sentence has - and made calls about that.

- Milla, MBG (11th grade)

Cartoon by Tomek

Chug Minecraft

I drew Minecraft because some people cope with this hectic time by creating their own reality inside of a video game. I certainly fall into this group. Definitely more peaceful than real life.

- Eva, Chotrimot (7th grade)

Tal made an origami dragon that represents the anti-racist struggle:

Why I Love Gilboa

I love Gilboa. It’s a mix of fun and being Jewish. It could not be better than this! We have a lot of fun. The first time I was there, it was an amazing experience. On the 4th of July we had colored pancakes! And Shabbat dinner was delicious and fun. I made a lot of memories and friends. I had an unbelievable time and made Amazing Friends. We also got to go on the lake.

- Sara Brass, Amelimot (4th grade)

Blog Writing & Cartooning

Holes cartoon by Tomek (MBG, 11th grade)


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