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Shabbat Blogging July 10th

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Shabbat Shalom Gilboa!

This week, take home Shabbat is about the different cultures that exist within the Jewish people. We’re encouraging everyone to think about how they can try to connect with people with different Jewish experiences than them and appreciate the diversity of Jewish culture.

Discussion questions:

  1. What are some ways that you can make connections with Jews who come from communities, backgrounds, or experiences different from your own?

  2. What are some of the challenges of connecting with Jews around the world or Jews who are different from us?

  3. In what ways do the Jewish communities to which you are connected feel inclusive, or exclusive, to Jews from around the world? (Ex: Gilboa, synagogue, school, neighborhood, etc.)

  4. At Gilboa, being inclusive and welcoming is a core value - what makes Jewish communities feel inclusive? What should we do to make sure our own communities feel welcoming and inclusive? What should Gilboa do? (Please share with us any feedback or ideas you come up with to

Craft project: Create a Black Lives Matter sign in different Jewish languages!

Yiddish: אַפֿראָאַמעריקאַנער לעבנס האָבן אַ װערט (Afroamerikaner Lebns Hobn a Vert)

*Here is a google doc with lots of Yiddish words and phrases related to the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing protests:

Ladino/Spanish: Las Vidas negras Importan

Hebrew:חיים שחורים חשובים (Chaim Shchorim Chashuvim)

Arabic: مسألة حياة السود (mas'alat hayat alsuwd)

Recipes from Jews Around the World:

Rikkud Song of the Week:

Ma Navu מה נאוו

Havdalah Song of the Week:


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