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Take Home Shabbat, Guest Blogging, Bonimot Idol, Havdallah July 25th!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

In this blog post:

  • Take home Shabbat for July 17th

  • Guest blogging by Dori, Tal, Max, and Josie

  • The recording of the amazing Office-themed Bonimot Idol!

  • Save the date - community-wide havdallah on July 25th (hosted by a group of our very own MBGers (11th graders!))

Take Home Shabbat

Let’s get ready for Shabbat, Gilboa! Here's your "take home Shabbat" that you can do as a family this weekend.

This week’s theme is Environmental Justice! Please think together as a family about the ways that climate change impacts certain communities differently and how we can make a difference not only by being more sustainable, but by helping others impacted by this crisis.

Discussion questions:

  • How do we see the impacts of climate change in our lives?

  • Are the impacts different for other people from different communities? What communities do we think experience the consequences of climate change the most?

  • In what ways can we help to make change, both on a large scale and in helping the people most impacted by climate change?

Craft Project - Sustainable Art:

Here are a few ideas for how to create art reusing items that might have otherwise gone to the trash. If you were in Art and Social Justice chug (elective) first session, you created a vase by turning a plastic bottle to a collaged work of art, using similar practices.

Once you’re done with the project, take a picture and send it to us ( We’ll make a collage of photos and send it with next week’s post!

Rikkud Song of the Week:

Turkish Kiss - music here and click here to see Natasha teach the dance!

Havdalah Song of the Week:

Guest Blogging

My chug on Monday was Sherlocks. We were solving the mystery of who kidnapped the mayor’s daughter. My role was a singer named Rosie in a mystery solving band, Rosie and the Jungle Cats. I performed at her Bat Mitzvah a few years ago. I thought she was annoying, but she didn’t deserve to be kidnapped!

She was at school, walking alone. There were some other kids in my band, and I said my alibi - that I was at my house, practicing a song with some other band members. But the other band members said their alibi was at the movies, and at a concert. They should’ve done what I said. Then it would have made sense. I mean, do they have any idea how suspicious that sounds?!

-Josie, Amelimot (3rd grade)

During kvutzah time we did a Kahoot as a fun way to get to know each other better and learn fun facts about one another. It was really fun and we learned a lot of funny things, for example the most popular cheese in my kvutzah is parmesan. We saw a funny meme and had to guess whose favorite it was. My final score was 3000 something. I was in fourth place. It was a really fun experience and it was cool to learn so much about everybody. Here are some stuff it included: Talia’s favorite article of clothing are jeans, unless they’re low waisted. Samson used to eat more cheese blocks than anything else when he was younger. Samson calls himself “The big Cheese” (well, I already knew that). Overall, it was super fun :)

On the zoom that I wrote this article on we took a screenshot of the top half of me and the bottom half of Tal and it made up what almost looked like one body. It was fun and came out funny looking.

-Dori, Sayarimot (6th grade)

I'm going to recount the story of a lonely boy eating ice cream. It all starts with a story of a boy after school, as he walked into the plaza with the laundromat and grocery store he picked up a tub of rocky road ice cream. The boy later goes and tells his mother that he will be in the alley eating his rocky road ice cream. As he was about to take the last bite of the ice cream he dropped his spoon because a car bit him in the leg. He shooed off the alley cat and was sad that his last bite of ice cream was gone. Then… He heard a rumble, a tumble, and as he was gaping in awe a mountain that had formed right in front of him! Another down the street, another these mountains kept forming around and later split into 2 lines! Later he called this mountain range the Rocky mountains because of the rocky road ice cream he was eating.

- Tal, Chotrimot (7th grade)

At Camp Gilboa on Shabbat, we get into our nice clothes and we go out to a beautiful lake view. We all sit down and one of the the madrichimot will tell us a story. The story is different every Shabbat, but last year it was a story about one of the counselors and her friend when they found a secret water park. Then when we’re done with the story, we go to the main room to eat a delicious Shabbat dinner. My one shabbat at Gilboa, they had really good orzo pasta, chicken, and fruit salad.

- Sara, Amelimot (4th grade)

A fun thing we did this week was when we interviewed Elana and Dalit during Satire News. They would say something that made sense, and we came up with such funny ways to write it down on our news website (ways that made a lot less sense). We also completely made up responses for things they didn’t respond to.

- Max, Shomrimot (8th grade)

It was Talia's birthday on Tuesday - here she is celebrating with the Satire News Chug!

Bonimot Idol - Relive the Magic!

Medura & Havdallah July 25th

Sign up to perform HERE

On Saturday, July 25 we will be holding a Medura and Havdallah, hosted by some of our very own talented MBGers (11th graders!) Medura is where we rock out, perform skits, do magic tricks, or any other form of campfireside entertainment!

We invite kids, tzevet, parents, friends, alumni to sign up! (You don’t have to go to Gilboa currently to perform.) We also will be holding a just-like-regular-camp Havdallah, where we play music, close our eyes, and bid farewell to Shabbat.

Please sign up to perform HERE or just join us on Zoom!


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