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Special days are when camp is transformed! The day will have a theme, including characters and a storyline, that we all become a part of. There are always lots of games, challenges, and wacky food, but we never really know what will happen!

Revo & BoCoup:

These are camp takeovers! On Revo, the madatz take over and on BoCoup, it’s the bogrimot’s turn! Each kvutzah spends the weeks leading up to the day picking the theme, writing the storyline, designing the activities, choosing characters, planning the menu, and sorting out all of the logistics. It’s a day that the younger campers always love and an experience that helps the bogrimot and madatz grow as leaders and educators and bond as a group.

Yom Meyuchad

This is a full day that takes everyone at camp through a magical storyline with an underlying educational arc. It could be anywhere from a zombie apocalypse to learn about consumerism, a medieval epic to learn about democracy, or the world of ants and bees to learn about labor and exploitation. Experience Yom Meyuchad 2018 HERE!

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