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All About Chuggim (Electives) + Photos!

Happy Wednesday, Gilboa families!

Our main choice block of the day is called chuggim (electives), where kids pick one chug (elective) to attend for the entire session. This is an excellent time for chanichimot (campers) to get to know kids in different age groups while connecting over a shared interest! Our madrichimot (counselors) always go above and beyond in creativity to provide chanichimot with fresh and fun options each session.

Here are this session's chuggim:

- Chug Murals: Each day, new mural creations all around machaneh (camp)! Let's make Gilboa even more beautiful!

- Primitive Technology: Chanichimot create contraptions out of found objects and learn survivalist skills.

- Gan: We're bringing back gardening at Gilboa!

- Car crash: A (safe and silly) recreation of famous car crashes, as well as pulling fun mischievous pranks around machaneh.

- American Summer Camp: All of our classic summer camp activities on rotation! Think: kayaking, archery, pool time, every day a different camp greatest hit.

- Cooking: An elective where chanichimot create new and exciting recipes from their favorite films!

- WNBA: Don't be fooled by the title, any gender is welcome to this basketball chug!

- Wizards: An elective where chanichimot partake in Wizarding activities (learning spells, creating wands, etc)

With the first few days under our belts, we're all adjusting swimmingly to being back at machanech (camp). Below are some photos, and as always, if you would like any specific updates on how your child is doing please reach out.

-- Alison


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