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All Things Financial Aid

Updated: Mar 9

Hi all! As we approach the summer, it's important to remember that Camp Gilboa is committed to providing an enriching and financially accessible summer camp experience for all families!

Financial aid is available and we are here and ready to assist with the scholarship process. Please remember that it is your responsibility to apply to all possible sources in your area, according to their criteria and deadlines. Once you've reviewed the general list of sources, scroll down for additional financial aid opportunities in your region. Bring your friends and receive big discounts! Any new camper family you bring to camp makes camp more affordable for your family and helps grow the community.

  • $150 off for each new camper family you bring!

  • Bring 5 new camper families and receive $1500 off your family's tuition!

You must be registered for camp to apply for financial aid - register HERE!