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Alumni Spotlight - Maayan, Sarah, and Alysse of Workshop 58 (58!)

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Sarah, Maayan, and Alysse all started at Gilboa in the early 2000s and were a part of Workshop 58 (58!) Bogrim summer, in 2005, was the first summer all three of us were at camp together. We began our friendship by being evacuated on the first day of machaneh and bonding over Red Cross burritos and sleeping at Yucaipa high school. This was followed by many amazing summers at Gilboa and Machaneh Miriam in Vancouver. Since then our long distance friendship has evolved into San Diego chofshim, auntie-hood, and virtual check ins.

From left: Sarah, Maayan, Adi, and Jonny in San Diego