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Board Retreat Recap!

Camp Gilboa’s Board of Directors meetings usually last one to two hours, but most years we also try to have a Board Retreat, where we meet all day long! The most recent Retreat was March 1st-2nd, 2024. We started off with a Shabbat dinner Friday night at Julie Macht’s house, and then met all day at Tyson Roberts’s house for meetings. Thanks to Julie and Tyson for hosting and to everyone who contributed to our meals!

In attendance were members of both the Board and staff, including several who came in from the Bay Area and the East Coast. Our Board is made up of alumni, parents, and tzevet members elected in January at the Annual General Meeting. Staff members included all of our full time staff and Isaiah Beenhouwer, our Rosh Machaneh (Camp Director) for 2024. 

We started off the day by reviewing some of our successes from the past year, including a great summer in 2023, very successful registration for summer 2024 (although we still have some slots second session!), and some hiring successes, including our new Executive Director, Assistant Director, and Isaiah and the Mazkirut (summer leadership), We also considered challenges before us, including tzevet (summer staff) recruitment to serve our successful camper registration, Israel/Palestine education in the current environment, and improved communications with families (striking the right balance between not enough and too much!). Isaiah is still looking for a few more tzevet members for second session - spread the word!

After taking care of some regular business such as approving minutes and reviewing the finances, we spent most of the rest of the day on our Strategic Plan, which was written last year. Our three main goals in the Strategic Plan are Tzevet Retention & Wellbeing; Site Improvements, and Finances & Fundraising to make the other two goals possible. We broke up into working groups to address each of these areas and then came back to the group to report back and discuss. The Board committees will continue to work on all of these areas in the upcoming year! 

If you have any questions about what’s happening on the Board or would like to serve on any of the committees, please get in touch with Tyson ( or Rebecca ( The number of Board seats is limited, but we have unlimited space in the Camp Committee, which includes both the Board and all active members on the various committees.


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