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Family Camp & Work Weekend 2022 Recap

Medurah (campfire) limericks, fairy houses, rosemary challah and more...could we have asked for a better Family Camp and Work Weekend this year?! Keep reading for more magical moments from last weekend's family camp!

Chuggim (electives)

Throughout the weekend, families and campers were able to participate in chuggim (electives) run by our enthusiastic madrichimot (counselors) and madatz (CITs). Families were able to explore the beautiful Gilboa campsite with activities such as kayaking on our very own beautiful Bluff Lake, arts and crafts, and sports at the basketball court. As families trickled in and the sun came out, familiar faces and new friends quickly merged. It really felt like the sweet beginnings of a meaningful summer! After a delicious lunch and an introductory circle for everyone, families again broke off to explore a variety of more creatively minded group activities. From to tie-dye to mosaic making to hiking and kayaking, activities for families at every age provided a basis for a communal weekend at Gilboa.

Peulot (age group activities)

A daily ritual at Gilboa is experiential educational activities by age groups, and thanks to madrichimot (counselors), we were able to work some of our Gilboa magic and provide that experience to all of the kids at Family Camp! Younger kvutsot (age groups) made fairy homes to show appreciation and gratitude for nature. Older kvutsot (age groups) learned about the decreasing water in Big Bear Lake, and the importance of conservation! We love to not only educate our chanichimot (campers) about the world at large, but also about the importance of stewarding our own land right home at camp! So cool.

Tzedek (high schoolers)

As a youth-lead movement, we try and implement leadership from our older chanichimot (campers) whenever possible. Tzedek is a group of Gilboa high schoolers that meets throughout the year to plan activities and take on community social justice projects. This weekend, Tzedek (high schoolers) lead a series of active games for kids and an adult-only programming at night! Such dedication! Kids had a blast playing gaga and tetherball with tzedek on Saturday, and adults spent Saturday night engaging in conversations about houselessness.

Shabbat Traditions

Arguably chanichimot's (campers') favorite time of the week, we were elated to recreate some of the favorite Friday and Saturday night traditions to share with families this weekend. We had rikud (Israeli dancing) and shabbat prayers on Friday night--along with a delicious meal prepared and planned by Rachael Sevilla, plus a whole heap of delicious vegan challah! When the sun went down on Saturday, we put on our cozy sweatshirts and said goodbye to Shabbat through havdallah (closing Shabbat prayers), medurah (bonfire), and kumzits (group singing). We heard poems, songs, and skits from chanichimot (campers).

It's safe to say the weekend was full of fun, bonding, and community building. Thank you to each participant for joining us completely as you are, so we can celebrate your unique flavor of you-ness that makes camp Gilboa such a meaningful collective space! We hope to see you soon!

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Tyson Roberts
Tyson Roberts
Jun 01, 2022

Family Camp/Work Weekend was so much fun! One of the highlights of my year, every year!

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