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First Day of First Session!

Parents said goodbye to two busloads of chanichimot (campers) in LA, one bus from San Diego, a group flight from the Bay, and a few good-byes right here at machaneh (camp).

For some, coming back to Gilboa is like coming home, and for new campers it often feel like being welcomed to a new second home. For others, the transition to camp can be challenging. We take extra care these first few days to take time building community, routine, and rituals into our day, to help ease the transition for everyone!

After arriving, chanichimot (campers) went around to different stations around camp to learn rules with mazkirut (youth leadership), lice checks, and discussion about what it means to be living as a kibbutz style camp. We discussed collective decision making, and how to respect one another.

This evening we had our first hikansut erev (flag lowering), and with it came hilarious original songs(!) for each kvutsa (age group), which will be sung each night.

After dinner, there was a little bit of chofesh (free time), then for the evening activity, each kvutsa (age group) spent time getting to know each other. We're really looking forward to settling in! Our Rosh (camp director) installed delightful fairy string lights in all of the tzrifimˆ(cabins), to really make them feel magical.

Some of Today's Highlights:

  • Kids are already playing on the big boulders!

  • "Seeing everybody!" -Tongs

  • "Buses!" -Yahli

  • Quesadillas for lunch and pasta bar for dinner

  • Hilarious skits from the madrichimot!

Talk to you soon!

- Alison

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