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Get Ready For Camp, Issue 1: What to Bring to Camp

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

We would like to be able to keep the cabins organized, and we need your help. Please pack in a suitcase or duffel bag that can fit under the bunks (11 3/4 inch height). We will be doing laundry once every 8 days, so please try to not over-pack. Most campers choose to wear their favorite items, so there is no need to send extra.

Packing tips:

  • Label everything!

  • Pack WITH your child so they know what they have and where to find it

  • Separate clothing into large ziplock bags as much as you can - especially items like socks, underwear, and toiletries.

  • Don’t send anything expensive - it can be hard for campers to keep track of everything while running around camp and having fun all day!

Much more detailed information can be found in the packing list, but please remember to send these important items with your child:

  • Good flashlights with extra batteries.

  • A water bottle WITH A SHOULDER STRAP. This makes it easier to carry around at all times, and to keep properly hydrated.

  • A good sunscreen and a hat.

  • Chapstick (a few of them)

  • Good quality skin lotion - the air is very dry and it's important to apply each evening - madrichimot will be reminding everyone to put it on, but it would be good if you explain it as you pack

  • A warm Jacket - it is cold at night!

  • Bug repellent (plant based with lemon eucalyptus like this one.)

  • Prescription meds (if needed) in sufficient quantity for the camp duration (additional information on that in one of the next emails)

  • Pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes, to encourage your children to write home!

And what not to pack: 

iPads, tablets, laptops, electronic readers, electronic games, pocket knives, lighters or matches are not to be brought to camp.

Note on Cell Phones:

We do our best to create an environment where social interactions, uninterrupted by electronics, thrive. The only exception is listening to music, which we recognize as a valuable downtime for some, and even a necessity at bedtime for others. Since for most children music is now housed on their cell phones, our cell phone policy has changed.

Please note the following limitations that we ask you to relate to your children:

  • Use of cellphones will be allowed for music only (no games) and only at designated times.

  • Cellphones should remain in the cabins at all times.

  • Please take out the SIM cards and keep them home. If you would like your child to have an operable phone on the way to/from camp (specifically for those of you sending kids on flights), we will take the SIM cards out upon arrival and will return them at the end of the session.

  • There will be no use of cellphones in order to take photos. We recommend sending a disposable camera, but other film or digital cameras are great as well.

Knowing what to bring and what to leave at home is key for having a positive experience at camp! Contact us with any questions -

Happy packing!


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