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Get Ready For Camp, Issue 2: Travel to Camp

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Locations for drop off and pick up have been emailed to camper families - contact with any questions! Travel procedures can be found here.

Los Angeles Bus Pick Up

First Session (June 30th):

Assembly time 8:45am, Departure: 9:15am

Nitsanimot 1 (July 9th)

Assembly time: 9:15, Departure: 9:30am

Second Extended (July 15th):

Assembly time: 9:00am, Departure: 9:30am

Second Session (July 24th):

Assembly time : 8:30am, Departure: 9:00am

San Diego Bus Pick Up

Assembly time: 9:30am, Departure: 10:00am


For those who are flying to camp, our clear travel procedure includes either a volunteer who stays with the children at the gate until they board the flight (for flights with older campers), or escorts on the flight, camp staff who meet the children at the gate, and a notification system to let the families know of the children’s safe landing and arrival to camp.

Details can be found here.

Other information to note:

Drop off at the end of the session will be at the same location, around 1pm. A more exact time, as well as a phone number to get updates on bus progress, will be emailed to parents a day or two prior to the end of the session.

Travel Communications: An email will be sent to parents to notify of the safe arrival of the buses to camp. Note that expected arrival time is around 2:00pm. Any change in transportation will be communicated via email. It is important that you verify that you are receiving emails from our automated system. Please call the office if you think you may not be subscribed to it.


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