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Get Ready For Camp, Issue 3: Communications

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Welcome to the second post in our pre-summer series! Information in this email is related to all things COMMUNICATION, including:

  • Communicating with campers while at camp

  • How to be in touch with Gilboa staff

  • Care packages policy

  • When you can expect to hear from us

  • Cell Phone Policy

  • The Gilboa Blog

Communicating with Campers

Chanichimot (campers) love to get mail. Please write! Keep in mind that it takes longer for mail to arrive to camp, so write early. You may even want to send the first letter before your child leaves for camp, so they will receive it on the first or second day. 

Summer Camp Mailing Address:

Your child's name 

Camp Gilboa

P.O. Box 1532

Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-1532

You can also email your letters to:

IMPORTANT: If you're emailing your child:

  • Write your child's name in the subject line.

  • Please do not include any photos or other attachments. We have limited internet at camp, and emails that contain attachments may impede on our ability to use the internet for other important uses such as posting photos on the blog.

Getting in Touch with Gilboa Staff

If you have any questions or concerns and wish to talk with us, we will always return your call the same day. However, note that we are out of the office often - attending camp activities and spending time with campers.

The best way to communicate with camp is to send an email, iMessage, or WhatsApp to Elana asking to be emailed or called back, along with the issue you'd like to discuss, and the best phone number to reach you. Emails are checked throughout the day, and you will get a response within a few hours.

Contact info:

Elana -, 323-605-8485 (iMessage & WhatsApp are best)

Dalit -, 323-371-3026

Care Packages Policy

While we encourage you to write frequently, we recommend sending no more than one or two packages per session. Sending more than that creates disappointment for campers whose families aren’t able to have a similar care package schedule. It’s important to set expectations with your child as to how often you will write and whether you’ll send a package - it’s always easier for kids to know what to expect.

You can send care packages to the same address noted above. Please note that we encourage you to send a board game, cards or other fun game that your camper can play with friends during chofesh (free time), a book, a journal, markers, etc., as opposed to candy packages. If you do send candy, please note that your camper will be expected to share with his kvutza (age group - and more on that in a future email).

IMPORTANT: Please do not send any candy that contains any kind of peanuts or nuts!

When you can expect to hear from us

The most successful camp experiences occur when a child is fully immersed in camp. Therefore, campers are generally permitted to make phone calls from the office only in cases of extreme homesickness or emergency.

Here's when you can be sure to hear from us:

  • New Campers: If you are a parent of a new camper, you should expect to hear from us within the first two or three days of camp with an update on how your child is doing. Of course, you are welcome to contact us before.

  • Homesickness: If your child is very homesick, we will let you know. We'll call to consult and decide together the best course of action.

  • Time in the health center: If your child is not feeling well, is running a fever or stays in the health center for more than just a few hours of rest, we will contact you.

Please note: It is important to be able to contact parents during the camp session. If you are going to be away on vacation or business for any length of time, please keep us informed about how you can be reached or who can act on your behalf in your absence.

Cell Phone Policy

We do our best to create an environment where social interactions, uninterrupted by electronics, thrive. The only exception is listening to music, which we recognize as a valuable downtime for some, and even a necessity at bedtime for others. Since for most children music is now housed on their cell phones, we allow cellphones to be brought to camp.

Please note the following limitations that we ask you to relate to your children:

  • Use of cellphones will be allowed for music only and only at designated times

  • Music has to be downloaded - there’s no internet to download music.

  • Cellphones should remain in the cabins at all times.Please take out the SIM card and keep it home. If you would like your child to have an operable phone on the way to/from camp (specifically for those of you sending kids on flights), we will take the SIM cards out upon arrival and will return them at the end of the session, or keep the phone itself at the office for the duration of the session.

  • There will be no use of cellphones in order to take photos. We recommend sending a disposable camera, but other simple film or digital cameras are great as well.All other electronics (iPads, tablets, laptops, electronic readers, electronic games) should not be brought to camp.

The Gilboa Blog

The blog posts will be your access to information about camp activities and camp photos (not too many - our limited internet connection will not allow for that), and will also provide some insight as to what Gilboa and Habonim are all about. We encourage you to subscribe and follow along!


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