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Gilboa Activities April 18 & 19 - Celebrate 25 Years, Kvutzah Activities

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Coming up this week (details & links below):

  • Saturday 4/18: Celebrate Gilboa: 25 Years Since Reopening Multigenerational Medurah & Havdallah

  • Sunday 4/19: Activities by kvutzah (age group)

Now that spring break is over for many of you, consider hiring a Gilboa Homework Buddy - Gilboa madrichimot (counselors) available to help with your children's school assignments.

Celebrate Gilboa: 25 Years Since Reopening!

Saturday, April 18th 7pm

We're celebrating with a multigenerational Havdallah and Medurah! Bring your instruments, prepare a funny Zoom skit with your kvutzah - get creative!

Add your act to the list HERE


Sunday Kvutzah Activities

  • 1pm: 6th/7th grade (Join via Zoom HERE)

  • 2pm: 8th grade (Join via Zoom HERE)

  • 3pm: 2nd-5th grade (Join via Zoom HERE)


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