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Gilboa Virtual Activities This Weekend (May 23 & 24)

Calendar for this weekend (details & links below):

  • Saturday 4-5pm: Crafting with Lili & Eliza

  • Sunday 11am-12pm: Rikkud and Zumba with Sam & Livvy


Toilet Roll Crafts

Saturday May 23, 4-5pm

All ages

Start saving those left over toilet paper rolls! Bring some paper, markers, glue, scissors, and any decorations you might have for a Gilboa crafting session! Check out some ideas here! We can make animals, aliens, star wars characters, trains, and whatever else our imaginations can cook up!

Optional supplies:

  • googly eyes

  • streamers

  • ribbon

  • stickers

  • pipe cleaners

  • yarn


Rikkud and Zumba with Sam & Livvy

Sunday May 24, 11am-12pm

All ages

Get ready for a new dance from our favorite rikkud and zumba sisters!

Check out a previous dance Sam and Livvy taught us - it's so much fun! The full tutorial (as well as a different dance to a Lizzo song!) is on the Gilboa facebook page.


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