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Join Us for a Community Peula

Dear Gilboa Community,

In the wake of Hamas’s terrible October 7th attack on Israel and the ongoing deadly war, we know that Israel education will need to be an important focus at Camp Gilboa this summer.

While our shared values unite us as a vibrant and progressive Jewish community, we know that inherent to that vibrancy is a diversity of thought, personal history, and perspectives. 

We are committed to creating an environment at camp where chanichimot (campers) can grapple collectively about challenging questions and feel that all opinions are welcomed and explored. Our unique peula (educational activity) structure allows for this, and on Zoom Sunday, April 14th at 4pm, we would like to bring the community together to engage in a peula about Israel, Palestine, and Judaism, so that you can see firsthand what these conversations look like at camp, and get excited for the experience your campers will be having. REGISTER here!

We hope to see you there!

With love,

Rebecca, Isaiah, Tyson, and the Gilboa staff


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