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MBI Info! (Scholarships & Info Session Recording)

MBI is the Israel trip for teens entering 11th grade from all 6 Habonim Dror North America camps.

This blog post is mostly about MBI (the Israel trip), but we want to make sure everyone knows MBG at Gilboa is August 3rd-9th - this is when everyone from this kvutza is invited up to camp to finish out the summer all together - details & registration here.

Questions related to MBI should be directed to Ben, the Habonim Dror programs coordinator - and questions related to MBG should come to Of course, we are also happy to assist with MBI questions, but will likely refer you to Ben if there’s anything you want to know about the specific itinerary, logistics, etc.

RootOne $3000 Tuition Voucher Info

  • Thanks to HDNA's partnership with NFTY and RootOne, MBI participants are eligible for a $3,000 tuition voucher that brings the cost of the trip down to $6200 USD.

  • To claim your voucher, you will need to register for the Habonim Dror North America MBI trip through NFTY in Israel’s website

  • NFTY will provide a link to registered families where they can claim their voucher directly with RootOne.

  • Once you register for MBI and reserve your RootOne voucher, you will receive more information directly from RootOne on how to complete the pre-trip requirements.

  • To remain eligible to receive your voucher, your teen will need to complete approximately 10 hours of pre-trip programming through RootOne's online platform.

MBI Scholarship Info

Habonim provides scholarship application assistance! If you are not sure which scholarships you are eligible for/how to find them, reach out to Ben -

Local federations/community organizations:

San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley:

Los Angeles:

San Diego:

Amy Adina Schulman Fund: This memorial fund is a long-time partner of HDNA programs. Founded in memory of a Habonim Dror alumni, this scholarship fund provides financial aid assistance to participants on Habonim Dror’s Israel programs.

HDNA scholarships: Habonim Dror North America has a modest scholarship fund to help participants.

Synagogues: Many synagogues have scholarship funds to assist Jewish youth in participating in Israel programs. These funds often run out quickly, so reach out to your rabbi/synagogue administrator now!

Gilboa Scholarship Fund: Gilboa has a scholarship fund specifically to support teen Israel programs. Participants who apply are guaranteed $500, but families who need more assistance can request a larger award.

This scholarship is to support campers on their Habonim journey and to nurture our future madatz & madrichimot (counselors). Starting in 11th grade, Gilboa campers become madrichimot in the year-round activities, and then come back to camp as madatz (counselors in training). To receive this scholarship, participants must intend to continue as leaders in the Gilboa community in the future.

To apply, participants should write 250-500 words answering the following prompt:

  • How has Gilboa shaped who I am and how will I contribute to Gilboa as a leader in future year-round and camp programs? Please make sure to address the question of how you will contribute to Gilboa in the future after MBI!

Please email this to, and include in your email if you are requesting additional needs-based scholarship beyond the $500 award. If you are in need of additional funds (more than $500), you will receive a financial information form to fill out and will be asked to submit copies of your most recent tax return.


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