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Eizor Update - Gilboa During the Year

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Fall Seminar:

Earlier this year Gilboa hosted its annual Fall Seminar. For those newer to Gilboa, Fall Seminar is an amazing opportunity for chanichimot (campers) to reunite and experience a fun and educational Gilboa style Shabbat together in the city. As a testament to the amazing summer 2019, this year’s Fall Seminar was one of the best attended in years - we had almost 60 3rd - 8th graders join us! It is a pretty great feeling to see almost 80 Gilboa kids and young leaders sharing a shabbat meal together. The energy was warm and boisterous and it was immediately clear how excited everyone was to see one another - friends from San Diego, LA, and the Bay Area were reunited!

Before you hear about how much fun it was, we want to make sure you know that Spring Seminar is coming up - March 20-22! Find more info and register HERE!


Besides continuing the amazing relationships built this past summer and forming new ones, the educational theme of the weekend was environmental justice.

After the traditional Friday night Shabbat meal and Rikkud (Israeli Folk Dancing), the group woke up Saturday morning (some of us quite early) for discussions about what it means for kids to get involved with and learn about environmental justice. It is always powerful to see kids as young as 8 speaking clearly about the need for our community to address climate change. It felt especially powerful given that the Gilboa teen social justice group, Tzedek, is actually learning about and getting involved with community environmental justice efforts.


As important as social justice learning is, Gilboa also means playing and having fun as hard as we learn. So after a morning of discussions everyone trekked down 3rd street for games and snacks in sunny Pan Pacific Park. And if you thought 80 Gilboa people in the Institute social hall was fun, imagine everyone spilled out over the lawn in Pacific Park - flying kites, playing tag, play cards, doing crafts, making silly music videos.


Lastly, it is important to highlight how central Kvutza is to the Gilboa experience. While the word roughly translates to “age-group” or “group”, anyone at Gilboa can tell you it means so much more. Kvutza is a group that plays together, works together, shares together. It is a group where we can build relationships that preempt a kinder and more just world. On Saturday evening we split into Kvutzot for chevrati activities (bonding activities) and it was a lovely way to end a beautiful weekend. Groups played games, explored some of the spooky parts of the Institute, and some of the older kids and their madrichimot even took a quick adventure outside!

All in all, it was an amazing weekend and we can’t wait to see everyone at Spring Seminar!

And if you are looking for a fun way to spend spring break, join Gilboa at the SIJCC for spring break camp, April 6-10!

Educational Outreach:

As amazing and life changing as Gilboa can be, communicating what it is that makes our community special to prospective families is always a challenge. And in a world with more and more options for camps and youth programs, making a clear case for the value of a Gilboa experience is vital for the growth and success of everything we do.

Our Educational Outreach program brings Gilboa high schoolers and tzevet to communities across the state. What better way to demonstrate the value of a Gilboa experience than by seeing actual Gilboa teen leaders running programming?