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Meet Mazkirut!

We're so thrilled to announce 2022's summer youth leadership!

Rosh (Camp Director) - Natasha:

My first summer at Gilboa was 2011! I have had the pleasure of being a chanicha, a madricha, a madatz madricha, and melavah on mazkirut. I’ve learned and grown so much since beginning my time at machaneh and I can’t wait to continue that process! I am constantly inspired by all of the tzevet and chanichimot at Gilboa. I couldn’t ask for a better community. I’m really excited for the summer and specifically can’t wait for tochnit erev because it’s my favorite part of the day. And of course I can’t wait to see everyone!

Techni (Operations) - Livvy: Hello everyone my name is Livvy Mullen. You may recognize me from the picky eater counter or the health inspection. I am so proud to announce that this year i’m trading in my apron and hairnet for a tool belt and sun hat as one proud half of team techi. Gilboa and I have a long history…2013-forever<3. I am so looking forward to that cool crisp mountain air, strutting to the misrad with my head held high, and most of all seeing you all again. Ciao!

Techni (Operations) - Isaac: My first summer at Gilboa was in 2019, but my first summer at camp was at Tavor in 2011.I most looking forward to special camp shabbats and the best jokes I’ve ever heard in my life!! I can’t wait to see everyone for the best summer in history!!!

Melaveh (Camper Care) - Isaiah: My name is Isaiah, I use he/him and I go to school in Portland at Reed College where I study history. My first summer at camp was 2011 and what I’m most looking forward to this summer is probably camp-wide Zmam brecha and eating all together in the chadar!

Tochniot (Programs) - Ben: My name is Ben Lieberman (He/him/his) my first summer at Gilboa was in 2013 and I'm so excited to be Tochniot this summer. I am so excited to celebrate machane style Shabbat and see everyone singing songs together.


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