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Meet Mazkirut 2023!

Shabbat Shalom, Gilboa Community!

We're so excited to announce the official roster of our leadership team (aka Mazkirut). Please note: we have a different way we're approaching our programs role (chinuch) this year. Instead of a singular programs specialist, we will be implementing a programs team. We will also be introducing a new Camper Care team structure this year...more on those roles soon! For now, get excited for this first round of introductory posts and welcome this year's Mazkirut!

Millie - Melavah (Camper Care Specialist)

My name is Millie and I will be the Melavah at camp this year. I live most of the time in Portland, OR where I just finished at Reed College. I currently work as a research assistant and translator as well as working for the Simone Weil House, an organization which cares for houseless people in Portland and provides educational and community opportunities for peo