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Meet Mazkirut 2023!

Shabbat Shalom, Gilboa Community!

We're so excited to announce the official roster of our leadership team (aka Mazkirut). Please note: we have a different way we're approaching our programs role (chinuch) this year. Instead of a singular programs specialist, we will be implementing a programs team. We will also be introducing a new Camper Care team structure this year...more on those roles soon! For now, get excited for this first round of introductory posts and welcome this year's Mazkirut!

Millie - Melavah (Camper Care Specialist)

My name is Millie and I will be the Melavah at camp this year. I live most of the time in Portland, OR where I just finished at Reed College. I currently work as a research assistant and translator as well as working for the Simone Weil House, an organization which cares for houseless people in Portland and provides educational and community opportunities for people near and far! I am a big reader and writer and I also love to garden; in my house in Portland, we have cats, chickens, and a big vegetable garden. I feel really lucky to be able to contribute to the making of a magical summer — I can’t wait to return to the crazy and beautiful world of camp!

Isaac - Techni (Technical Director)

Hey everybody, I can't wait to see you again in Big Bear Lake this summer! I’ll be on the techni team with Livvy again, so be on the lookout for us making sure we have enough toilet paper at Gilboa. Until then, I’ll be finishing up college at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island! So excited for the summer!

Livvy - Techni (Technical Director)

Hello everyone my name is Livvy Mullen. I am so lucky to be reprising my role as one proud half of team techni. Just one summer of fun wasn’t nearly enough, so I’m back for round two. In the off season months (September to May), I am a student at UC Davis and moonlight as a baby name book contributor. I am so looking forward to hitting the targets with my fellow archers, walking back and forth from the misrad to the mitbach 10 - 25 times a day, and most of all seeing you all again. Пока Пока! Livvy

Natasha - Rosh (Camp Director)

Hellooooo Machaneh Gilboa! My name is Natasha and I am so excited to return to the beautiful mountains to be your Rosh again! I graduated from Wesleyan University and now live in the big apple that never sleeps, New York City! I am so excited for the summer to begin so we can all make new friends, dress up for tochnit erev, and go kayaking together in the lake. But most of all, I can’t wait to share tea and stories with you! See everyone soon!


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