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Meet Your Madrichimot!

With chanichimot (campers) arriving in less than 24 hours, we figured it would be a delightful surprise to introduce our madrichimot (counselors)!

Amelimot (4-5th grade)

The Amelimot tzevet, Mei, Charlie, Millie, and Tohar are “excited to introduce the kids to our camp and our values.” Charlie says that the team is “building a foundation of education. Our first conversations include kvutza, consent in a camp context, and socialist values (sharing and working together).” Mei is “excited to grow plants with them, write songs, and provide a space for artistic expression.”

Tip: According to Millie (read in a British accent), “Everyone should bring one thing they think is really fun. I literally brought so little things.” Tohar says, “Don’t be shy, be fly.”

Sayarimot (6th grade)

The Sayarimot tzevet, Timmy, Maayan, Ruby, and Shosh, “are very excited to meet all the lovely children and have a great togetherness this summer.” Timmy says he is “hyped to rock and roll,” and Maayan says she is excited for “games, songs, more games, and learning.”