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Photos and Yom Kvutsa

As chanichimot (campers) bring kupa (shared money) to camp, they get to practice collective responsibility and decision making through deciding how they want to spend that money as a group on Yom Kvutsa (day with your age group). Monday was Yom Kvutsa, and the chanichimot (campers) all voted to decide how they wanted to spend their shared resources.

Some notable activities: Amelimot took a dip in the pool, Sayarimot made boats out of cardboard, Chotrimot watched a movie, Shomrimot went on a hike, Bonimot walked all the way to town, and Bogrimot drove to the spring to go to 'Clown school'! There was also some delicious food of course! A huge part of Yom Kvutsa is getting to have special food treats from outside of camp. Some kvutsot ordered pizza, thai food, and the Bonimot had their highly requested Taco Bell.

We love Yom Kvutsa because it reflects one of the many ways our youth empowerment model shows up at machaneh (camp). Chanichimot get to make decisions that impact and shape their camp experience every day--and our hope is that these small decisions lead them to feel compelled to seek leadership in other areas of life when they're back home. More to come tomorrow with our Shabbat Blog and update on today's big events...stay tuned!


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