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Revo Recap!

Hi Gilboa Families,

What a day we had yesterday! The Madatz (counselors in training) have a tradition every summer where they take over camp for the day--Revo (short for 'revolution'). As a youth led organization, we take pride in developing leadership skills and empowering our oldest chanichimot (campers) to plan and lead activities for the rest of machaneh (camp). Each Revo has a theme, this year's was New York. At hitkansut (flag raising), chanichimot recieved a one-way ticket from LA to NYC, and boarded a "plane". After arriving, they had a breakfast spread of veggie sausage sandwiches, crepes, and various fruits in the chadar (dining hall), which was completely transformed overnight.

Post re-fueling, chanichimot were surprised with a New York carnival of tourist activities--featuring caricature drawing, hot chocolate ("NYC coffee"), speed chess, etc. Then, there was a little snack before heading off on a sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt! After some sight-seeing, the Madatz (New Yorkers) took chanichimot to explore some classic New York activities: picking out outfits for the Met Gala, riding the "ferry" (kayaking), improv, making soft pretzels, archery, and making jewelry. Then--plot twist! According to the Head Pigeon, the NYC rats want to ruin the Met Gala! After lunch and some free time, there was a round robin completing tasks to appease the rats so they hopefully wouldn't ruin the big night. A quick snack later, the rats say there's one more thing they need everyone to do...perform a dance! Chanichimot learned a final dance before getting ready for the Met Gala. Dinner was at the Gala, complete with a red carpet...when suddenly everyone is told to get outside--someone is trying to ruin the Gala! All evidence points to the rats, but after a tochnit erev (evening activity) of detective work, it's revealed that Head Pigeon was the culprit! The night ended with some water balloons thrown at Head Pigeon, followed by cheesecake and bedtime. Here are more photos from the day's events!



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