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Shabbat Blog: Sayarimot

Shabbat Shalom, Gilboa Families!

After a packed first two days of second session, we are looking forward to a relaxing Shabbat to reconnect as a community. Shabbat at Gilboa is always a special time when we have both structured traditions and ample chofesh (free time) to relax, rejuvenate, and prepare for the upcoming week's adventures.

Today began with hitkansut (flag raising), breakfast, and an extended avodah (work block) where chanichimot (campers) spent a little extra time cleaning up camp to make it look Shabbat-ready! Afterwards, chanichimot participated in 'Jewce', a weekly programming block where they learn about this week's torah parsha in an experiential way (accompanied by a special flavored juice each week). Then it's time for rikud (Israeli dancing), followed by lunch. Friday lunches are 'fancy sandwiches'. After refueling, it was off to Shabbat rotations. Each kvutsa (age group) participates in a different rotation each week. These rotations vary from challah braiding, to prayer preparing, to Shabbat blogging! This week, a few of the Sayarimot wrote posts for the blog (below). Then, chanichimot jumped right into nikayon tzrif (cabin cleaning time) and shabbat showering and preparation. We gathered for hitkansut (flag lowering) and split off into mishpachot (family groups based on region) to debrief about everyone's start to second session. Afterwards, everyone walked down to the dam to listen to a Rosh story from Natasha our youth Camp Director, then headed to the chadar (dining hall) for a delicious Shabbat dinner of tofu, chicken, salad, grains, challah, and roasted carrots. After some brief chofesh (free time), it was time for more dancing! Chanichimot ended their night with rikud and watermelon before heading off to bed.

Enjoy a few recaps from what some of the Sayarimot have been up to, and photos from Shabbat. Talk to you soon!


From Amelia (a bit edited):

"I arrived at Camp Gilboa on Wednesday. Lunch was really good. Mostly on that day we did introductions and prep. I chose my chuggim, or elective, Political reading. We talk about political subjects and do art. That night, we had ice cream! We also played Jenga. I woke up for Tobo, or kitchen work. I do it for breakfast. Everyone chooses what work to do for the session, and I chose Tobo. I passed the pool test, but the pool was cold. I still had fun though. Later that night after dinner, we did a coal mine obstacle course. We got "m-n-m's" for voting for a Worker's Union. I weirdly slept better that night. Breakfast was cinnamon rolls YUM! They were big I had like 2! Don't worry, I eat salad at every meal except today's lunch, which was like a salad sandwich. Today I went to the meadow. It's SO PRETTY! The lake was nearby. Wow. I climbed rocks. Tonight is Shabbat. Tomorrow is archery, kayaks, and the ability to sleep in till 10:00am! Yay!"


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