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Shabbat and Tiyul!

Shabbat Shalom Gilboa Families!

We've had quite the exciting week. Tiyul (nature hike) on Monday, Yom Meyuchad (special day) yesterday, and we're finishing off the week with a much-needed restful shabbat.

Amelimot and Sayarimot (4-5th and 6th graders) hiked to Boulder campsite, which is about half way to big bear village from machaneh (camp). They had a pair hike and had hotdogs for dinner.

Chotrimot and Shomrimot (7th-8th graders) went to a camp site on the north side of Bluff Lake. They played games all the way there, and enjoyed hot dogs, carrots, and chips for dinner. Because a rattlesnake was spotted nearby, the group decided to come back to machaneh that night for kitkats and hot coco. It ended up being a really fun and cozy evening at camp!

Bonimot (9th graders) went on a seven mile hike to a campsite close to big bear lake. Madrichol Ally Rose says, “we smiled, we laughed, we giggled.” They played frisbee and planned bonimot idol once they arrived at the site.

Bogrimot (10th graders) went on a hike to a campsite near big bear lake (with a stop at 7/11 along the way to take advantage of the free slushees), however, because the campsite proved to be too small, the Bogrimot traveled to join Madatzimot (CITs) at their campsite by car.

Madatz (CITs) went on an eight mile hike to Serrano family campsite on the north side of Big Bear Lake. They went to the top of Bertha’s Peak, chilled on the Big Bear Lake beach, and enjoyed a fun night at the campsite when the Bogrimot arrived. Before returning to machaneh, they shared Dominos pizza!

Here are some first hand accounts of tiyul from the Bogrimot (10th graders):

Talk to you soon!

Shabbat Shalom,

Alison, Michelle, and the Bogrimot


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