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Shmeryl, Shmeryl... from Marly!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Marly is kicking off our virtual, summer-long shmeryling!

What is a shmeryl?

A shmeryl is a poem that gets passed around - if you are shmeryled, it means that a poem is written about you, and then you get to write a poem about someone else. Oftentimes, this poem is written on a random object, such as a frisbee or rock…

Rules/How it will work:

  1. No shmeryling someone from the same kvutzah as you or a relative of yours

  2. Once you are shmeryled you have 3 days to shmeryl someone else

  3. Record yourself reading your shmeryl. You can write it on a random item!

  4. Send the recording by text or email to Elana (, 323-605-8485) for it to get posted here on the blog, in the weekly email, and for it to get passed along to the person (via email with you copied on it)

  5. Either wait until you see that person again to give them the item, or mail it or drop it off at their house.

Here's our first shmeryl!

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I got a shmery!!!

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