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"What Gilboa Means to Me"

We ask our chanichimot (campers) what summers at Camp Gilboa mean to them. From our Winter Newsletter (check it out here), we have this very special segment from Lilah:

Hi, I am Lilah. I am 13 years old, Ethiopian, and have gone to camp for 3 summers. Camp Gilboa matters to me because it is my Jewish friendship circle. It is a place where I belong. As a camper, I have lots of crazy memories and each new year seems to be better than the last. What I miss most during the year is the way we come together during Havdalah at camp. It is our time to be thankful for each other. I love that feeling of being held by my friends. That’s why I am becoming a bat mitzvah at camp this summer. So, if you are coming to camp during first session…well, you are invited! I look forward to celebrating with you, making memories, and lying on the ground and staring at the stars during Havdalah. Thanks to the counselors and Elana for making Gilboa special.




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