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What Gilboa Means to Me - Anina Hart-Lemberger

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Gilboa is important to me because it is a place where you can express yourself without judgment. For me that means it is a place where you are able to be yourself and act yourself and still be included. I recently had my bat mitzvah and I talked about what we can learn and what we can’t learn from the Torah about inclusion. My thoughts were influenced by values I learned at Camp Gilboa.


Anina’s drash, delivered at IKAR on 3.9.19

I like charts. When I was writing this drash, I made a chart of the book of Exodus. There are 40 chapters. Some of the best, and best-known, stories in the whole Torah: the enslavement of the Children of Israel, the story of Moses including the Burning Bush, the 10 Plagues, the Exodus, the parting of the Red Sea, The Golden Calf, and the receiving of the 10 Commandments at Mt Sinai, happen in the first 24 chapters.