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Winter Seminar and Celebrating the Institute

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Tonight, Tzevet (staff) arrives for Winter Seminar, and we couldn't be more excited. Tomorrow chanichimot (kids) will arrive, and the magic really starts! Winter Seminar is a special time to bring us back into Gilboa spirit, when we can practice our favorite traditions like Havdallah on Saturday night, Musicale (singing), and Medurah (skits, minus the Campfire while at the Institute). We have some time to gather with our friends to have fun and participate in peulot (age group activities). In the spirit of Seminar, we want to pay an extra special homage to the Institute of Jewish Education for being a home for Gilboa for so many years--from now all the way back to the 1950s!

Since such a large part of what we're about at Habonim Dror and Camp Gilboa is empowering youth to create their own systems, beliefs, and group decisions--having a space to collaborate at the Institute has been such an integral component to keep Gilboa thriving during the year.

So we share our gratitude for Gilboa's home away from home by sharing a few photos to reminisce on all of the young leaders who came before us. Shabbat Shalom! See you at Winter Seminar!


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