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Bonimot Idol

Last night chanichimot (campers) had an extra special tochnit erev (evening activitiy) called Bonimot Idol. Think American Idol with a's run by all of the Bonimot (9th graders)! The Bonimot spent hours preparing the decorations, plotting the script, and learning how to collaborate with one another. All of the chanichimot (campers) had time during the day to prepare a dance to perform with their kvutsa (age group). Amelimot got an honorable mention, Nitsanimot won 2nd place, and 1st place went to the Chotrimot. It was a close call, because all of the dances were amazing! Even the madrichimot (counselors) and tzevet Mitbach (kitchen staff) showed off their best moves to the group with incredible choreographed numbers.

Bonimot Idol is an important first step in preparing the older chanichimot (campers) to take on more responsibility at camp. As a youth-led model, at Gilboa, the older you get, the more you get to give back and create meaningful experiences for younger chanichimot. We were all so proud to get to watch such a successful night with such creativity, magic, and fun!

It's also the final Shabbat of first session! We're getting ready to say goodbye to many of our chanichimot and cherishing the last moments together. Here are some photos from tonight's Shabbat traditions:

Talk soon!

Shabbat Shalom,



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