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Guest Blogging: Shomrimot (8th Graders)

Check out some reviews of camp, written by the Shomrimot during the first week of the session:

What’s up at camp?

Seth, Alex, and Lazare

At Camp Gilboa, we do an activity called Avodah which is time we take almost daily that helps beautify and maintain the camp. In our kvutsah, our Avodah is cleaning and beautifying the pool. During this activity, we have planned to paint multiple symbols and images on the pool to help make it look better while also cleaning it.

The food in Gilboa is good. My favorite food was the sandwiches. Consists of exquisite mozzarella, outstanding tomatoes, average kale, great goat cheese, and mouth watering breed and avocados.

Big Bear’s night sky can rival many, especially thirty minutes out of town. Every few days we bring blankets to the lake and spend time watching the stars. During this time we listened to calming music (as to “protect the vibe”) and watched the sun set over Bluff Lake.

Reasons Habonim Kids Should Invest

Gil, Ronen, and Noah

At Gilboa they preach creativity and exploring new things. So I think that we should let our kids invest. As a 13 year old, I do in fact invest in stocks (under my father’s name). But theres WAY more to investing than just stocks. Here are some more ways to invest.

  • Crypto

  • Shoes

  • NFT

  • Cards (Sports, Pokemon etc.)

  • Other collectibles (Clothing, toys)

  • Bonds

Depending on your hobbies, theres definitely a way to invest while also relating to your hobbies. There are even some ways to invest in your favorite video games. Ex. Animal Crossing. There are also investing simulators for those who are not willing to spend real money. Just consider it, thats it.



Every day of camp we had something called zman madatz. Zman madatz is when the madatz (CITs) lead different activities. Today we were in a group practicing rikud (or Friday night dancing). We learned the dance to “Cotton Eye Joe” which is really fun but tiring. “Cotton Eye Joe” is a camp favorite and classic which brought energy to the atmosphere.

Fancy Sandwiches and Avodah

Moshe and Oscar

Fancy sandwiches are the best because there are so many things they can have. It had cheese, tomatoes, and a lot of other things. The tomato is amazing. The garlic is amazing. The avocado is amazing. Other stuff is amazing. Kale is okay.

For avodah we do work. We are working on making the pool better by painting mushrooms, signs, and other stuff. We are excited to make the pool look good. And we are happy we dont have to clean the toilets.

Hi Gilboa Families!

Maggie, Juju & Friends

We’re here to tell you about chofesh. Chofesh is a twice a day break time, after lunch and dinner! It is a fun break, and there are so many things you can do! For example, some kids like to play tetherball, or gaga, while others like to read, make bracelets, or write letters to family and friends. And theres volleyball as well. For example, Juju likes to paint my nails and make art. Maggie likes to make lanyards. That is everything you need to know about chofesh.

First Week of Camp Food Review

Jonas, Toby, and Bobby


  • Dinner: Pasta with Garlic Bread

  • 3.5/5 stars

  • Pasta was good but sauce was watery


  • Breakfast: Hash Brown and Eggs

  • 4/5 stars

  • Eggs were ok. Hash Browns were good

  • Lunch: Burritos

  • 3/5 stars

  • Beans were great

  • Dinner: Dumplings, Egg Rolls, and Tofu

  • 4.5/5 stars

  • This dinner was great


  • Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls

    • 4/5 stars

    • Great and tasty

  • Lunch: Fancy sandwiches

    • 6/5 stars

    • Self explanatory

Suspicious Succulents

Maya, Elleina, Daria, Lula

Around Camp Gilboa suspicious succulents have been spotted. These orange plants (plastic feeling) that we like to call cheeto plants. Its scientific name is Oreangis Spilcterris. After thorough examination of this plant, we theorized that this suspicious succulent was cultivated by an unknown intergalactic race. We suspect that the plants were planted in 1973. It is believed that the aliens came to Earth in an attempt to save their civilization after their home planet was destroyed. Cheeto plants were their main source of food. These aliens still reside in the woods around Camp Gilboa. But don't go looking for them, because they are very dangerous. They come out at night, which is why we have shmira. They are large, brown and fuzzy, with a long snout full of big teeth and long sharp claws. Scientists are still working to uncover more information, but this is all we are allowed to disclose to the public.



Yesterday night we went on a beautiful expedition to the meadow. We ran, we talked, we sang, we had a jolly time. When it got dark we stargazed and braided flowers into people’s hair.


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