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Meet Mazkirut Summer 2020!

Mazkirut is the leadership of machaneh (camp), and this year's team is already hard at work making sure summer 2020 is full of fun, learning, community building, and magic! We have Yahli, Lili, Quinn, Natasha, and Eliza - they might just be the silliest, smartest, most dedicated mazkirut ever!

Yahli Livni - Rosh Machaneh

Hey Gilboa friends! I started at Gilboa in 2008 when I was in Chotrimot (12 years old.) I've spent the last few years on Mazkirut (leadership) in the year-round eizor and at camp. I'm finishing up my time at UCSD this semester, and then will be heading back to LA!

I love that Gilboa’s always been accepting of me for all my weirdo characteristics and helped me feel that it is something to be celebrated! My favorite summer is always the previous summer (cheesy answer, I know, but Gilboa always teaches me new things!) I'm most excited to be telling stories -- from the Rosh stories on shabbat to putting chanichimot (and tzevet 😉) to bed.

Lili Mandl - Tzedek Rakezet (High Schooler Program Coordinator)

I’m Lili! I’m so excited to join the Gilboa team as Tzedek Rakezet, which means coordinating our year-round high school program devoted to service learning projects and community building. This summer, I am working on mazkirut to help enhance educational programming for our chanichimot (campers) with a focus on connecting Jewish teachings to Gilboa values of youth empowerment, justice, and pluralism. I recently graduated from Barnard College with a joint degree in English and Jewish Studies, and I can’t wait to learn even more about being Jewish in the world today from tzevet (staff), mazkirut, chanichimot, and everyone else who makes Gilboa so special.

Quinn Tassin - Merkez Chinuch (Education Director)

My name is Quinn, I’m a senior studying Political Science at Sarah Lawrence College, and I’m so excited to be Chinuch in Summer 2020! This community means the world to me and I’m so happy that I get to come back next year. I grew up at our sister camp, Na’aleh but I’ve been at Gilboa since 2017, most recently as Madatz Madrich. Education is at the center of everything that we do, so leading the educational process at machaneh next summer is a challenge that I can’t wait to take on.

Natasha Marder - Melavah (Director of Camper Wellbeing)

Hello! I’m Natasha from Berkeley, California, and I am currently a Sophomore at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. I’m going to be Melavah this summer and I am soooo excited. This will be my 10th summer at Machaneh Gilboa and every year it gets better and better! I worked on Tzevet Chanichimot for two years, and last year had the pleasure of being a Madatz Madricha. Each year I come back to Gilboa, not only because I love camp, but also because I have always enjoyed working with kids and creating the meaningful relationships that I appreciated so much as a child. I can’t wait to continue my journey at Gilboa and help the kids of this wonderful community begin their own.

Eliza Smith - Techni (Technical Director)

Hi! My name is Eliza and I’m going to be Techni (technical director) on mazkirut this summer! I have been going to Gilboa since I was eight years old and was part of the first ever Nitsanim (woot). Both of my older sisters were technis in past years so I didn’t really have a choice but to continue the family tradition… Just kidding! The truth is that I love Gilboa more than anything in the world and can’t wait to take on a bigger role in making it run smoothly and wonderfully. Yay! See you at Bluff Lake!


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